Assures Of God’s intervention

kicks off 6-day Global Crusade in Calabar

By Gabriel Ewepu

The General Superintendent, GS, of Deeper Christian Life Ministry, DLCM, Pastor William Kumuyi, Thursday, has restated the role of the church in solving insecurity challenges in the country and across the world. He also called on Christians and Nigerians to absolutely trust on God for intervention to tackle rising insecurity in the country.

Kumuyi made the call after arrival at the Margret Ekpo International Airport, Calabar, Cross River State, for the 6-day Global Gospel Campaign with theme, ‘Signs and Wonders For The Needy’, which kicks off today (Thursday), in Calabar, at the Church’s campground in Calabar. The event will be broadcast live to other locations of the church across the State via satellite transmission, and social media handles of Pastor Kumuyi and the church to all continents of the world. The global gospel campaign will end on Tuesday July 27, 2021.

Meanwhile, the clergyman also explained why the crusade is being held this time around in Calabar after it was held twice in Abuja, the nation’s capital, said he came to hold the crusade because of his concern for the spiritual state of the people including their well-being “I want to be a part of the solution to whatever problems people have. And the Lord God Himself loves the state, loves the people and everyone.” 

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He said: “Many people do not understand what the church can offer and so when we talk of insecurity, we think from the financial situation, commercial activities and all that, we think that church is only for religion and all the other arms of government and the people manning them, they are for the real thing.

“But you know, church is not just for the religion, if you look at Bible history, you will discover that when nations and different sections of the people have been very much unsecured or they have been under oppression, things they couldn’t go through by themselves, the Lord had come in by His servants.

“If we will look up to God and look up through the people that God has raised up to bring solution to our problems, the Lord can solve the problem of what we have been labouring for decades in one week, in one year, the Lord can solve everything. So I say the church is relevant and by the grace of God we will pray with a united voice in the church and I believe that God will give us solutions to our insecurity challenges.

“Think if Israel in Egypt, they never thought they could get out of that kind of situation. You know when you talk of insecurity, the children of Israel, when those babies were born, they all the agencies to throw them into the sea, and you think about the time they spent in the wilderness, that was real insecurity, think about the Canaanites and all those people that had power over the children of Israel, it was the ministry of the prophets,

“In fact, there was a verse the scriptures that say, I brought them out by a prophet and I preserved them by a prophet. The time of Ahab and Jezebel, the Lord raise up Elijah who says, according to my word, this shall not be and you know everything was solved.”

The GS also assured that the people of the State and the rest of the world of God’s great visitation in their lives all through the six days of the Global Gospel Campaign prgramme live from Calabar.

“And with that life everlasting, there’s abundant life, healing, deliverance, solutions to every problem that any person has. So that’s why I have come to bring the love of God to the people in the state.

“And not only the state, but we are reaching out from this place to different parts of the world, and so that the love of God can be experienced by every one of us.

“It is not just going to be a programme, it is going to be an event of a lifetime, that sometime we will be labouring for something for decades, and we’ve not been able to achieve, the Lord says, He is here to help us and He is here to lift us from where were are to where we ought to be.

“So I want to appeal to everyone to make it a date with the Lord that every good desire of every heart the Lord will meet and the Lord will surprise everyone. This is not my first time of being to Calabar.

“I have been coming to Calabar from the 80s and every time I have come I have found God doing marvelous extraordinary things and I believe that this will be the first of its kind that whatever has happened here before, blind eyes opening and deaf ears opening and the lame rising up and walking and even to the point of raising the dead, it happened here before, and I know that much more will happen this time”, he assured.

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