CEO of brooding Real Estate and Properties Company in Nigeria, Enu Properties, Mr. Enu Jacobs, has said investing in Real Estate is the most viable and profitable investments anyone can make.

Calling on young Nigerians who are neck-deep in buying and dealing in cryptocurrencies, and others trading in the stock markets, Mr. Enu proffers Real Estate as a better, safer and more promising option to invest money on.

Mr, Enu argued that, ‘unlike other financial instruments such as stocks, bonds or mutual funds and even cryptocurrencies, Real estate offers predictable cash flow; it appreciates in value, thus keeping up with inflation; it provides a higher return because of positive leverage; it offers equity growth through debt reduction; and it is improvable, because real estate is a tangible asset made of wood, brick, concrete, and glass that you can improve the value of any time. On the other hand, Cryptocurrency trades have been prone to hacks and other illegal activities. These security breaches have led to significant losses for investors who have had their digital currencies kidnapped, never to be seen again. Frauds and scams are also widespread in the crypto industry’’

‘’Also, during retirement, real estate is a self-sustaining asset, and that which can be inherited by an individual offspring, not like stocks that are self-liquidating asset.’’

Mr. Enu reiterated the fact that people must consider real estate because it provides equity build-up, and does not put much pressure on the investor. ‘’Most real estate is purchased with little down payment with the balance of the money being provided through debt financing from a lender. Over time, the principal amount of the mortgage is paid down, slowly at first, and then more rapidly toward the end of the amortization period. This principal reduction builds equity.

Finally, he invites all individuals, most especially young Nigerian to invest in Enu properties that give individuals value for their money with a high range of luxury real estate deals.

‘’We don’t just sell properties, we sell dreams.’’ He concluded.


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