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July 21, 2021

Group embarks on campaign to end torture, extrajudicial killing and illegal detention

Group embarks on campaign to end torture, extrajudicial killing and illegal detention

By Chinedu Adonu

Avocats Sans Frontieres France, ASFF, has expressed sadness over the alarming rate of human right violations by security agencies in Enugu State.

The group made this condemnation at a stakeholder’s roundtable meeting it organized in partnership with Nigerian Bar Association, NBA, and Carmelite Prisoners Interest Organization, CAPIO, with a theme: “Strengthening the National Actors Capacities and Advocation for ending severe human rights violations in Nigeria” held in Enugu.

In a welcome remark, the organization’s head of office in Nigeria, Mrs. Angela Uwandu, disclosed that the stakeholders’ roundtable meeting was organized to create awareness and also promote accountability on issues of torture, extra-judicial killing and arbitrary detention.

ASFF, she disclosed, is fighting for the defense of human rights, improving access to justice for all citizens, especially the vulnerable as well as preventing and combating impunity.

Mrs. Uwandu commended the security agencies for accepting to assist victims to get justice and other stakeholders for collaboration. She charged the National Assembly and State Assemblies to implement the 2017 Anti-torture Act which has been passed into law.

The Anti-torture Act 2017 fills the existing legislative gaps by explicitly making the right to freedom from torture, cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment a non-negotiable right, criminalizing torture and protecting victims and witnesses of torture. The Anti-Torture Act 2017 is a very concise legislation.

“Today, we have brought together stakeholders from the core Justice sector including the judiciary, minister of Justice, office of the attorney general and various security agencies we have which includes the DSS, army, police, civil Society and correctional service to talk and discuss together and how to promote human rights.”

“We have been able to identify collectively various challenges that are militating against human rights in Enugu State.

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“We are talking about issues that affect everyday life. Issues of torture, persons who suffer from human right violations, victims of torture and how they can get redress. So, we have had this conversation and have also received huge assurance from the various security agencies that was represented today that when issues of torture, extra judiciary killing and arbitrary detention occur in their various agencies and when is reported that they will take action. 

“We also have the assurance of collaboration with other stakeholders to ensure huge support and to ensure that victims do not go without a redress. On this Project we are also working with lawyers and providing legal services to victims of torture, persons whose right has been violated, those who have been killed extra-judicially. We are supporting their families to ensure that justice is done”.

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