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The Chairman/CEO, Tony Amechi Foundation, TAF, has called for Unity of purpose amongst Ndokwa political class in the drive to the 2023 General elections as he enjoined sons and daughters of Ndoshimili and Ukwani speaking people of Ndokwa land to place rightly Ndokwa priorities at the forthcoming gubernatorial contest in the state.

Chief Amechi, who is the Ajuwa of Aboh Kingdom, stated this in Abuja during a chat with our correspondent Wednesday, as he noted that this is the time for the Ndokwa political establishment to put its house in order so as to be able to make an impact in the political front towards 2023 and for this reason, he said, Ndokwa people must eschew individualism but embrace the collective and aggregate desire of Ndokwa people in the process of engineering the political system for the general good of the Ndokwa man.

The Onwa of Umusadege Utagba-Uno noted that the bane of the Ndokwa man in Delta political space has been that of personal interest and this he said has impeded progress and development of the nation adding that such has also rubbed off on the political opportunities at the national level.

The Industrialist stated that until the political class exudes maverick politics in a formidable union in place of splinter groupings, the other ethnic nations who he said had been empowered in the past will take the advantage of divisions among our “Political Class” against us saying, that has always been the case and “we are worse for it.”

In the All Progressives Congress, APC wherein he is a chieftain, Chief Amechi noted that the leaders of the party in Ndokwa nation are divided, coming up with different lists to favour individual groups, aligning themselves to one leader and the other saying such may be counter-productive without “Unity of Purpose” and the people of Ndokwa may end up losing it all in the end, yet again.

“There’s no gainsaying the fact that the political realities today in Ndokwa land,” Chief Amechi said, “is that of absolute loyalty of the people to the Deputy Senate President, Senator Ovie Omo-Agege, stressing, in as much as it was the best way to go, there is a stronger need to aggregate the demands of the people in one piece which everyone must jointly pursue to the letter without which Ndokwa may both consciously and unconsciously become a political rolling stone that gathers no mouse.”

In one breath, Amechi stated,  that a group is pursuing the desire for a Ndokwaman to clinch the State Chairmanship seat of the party as the Congress draws near, while another group from the same Ndokwa nation is clamouring for the Deputy Governorship slot and this, ‘uncoordinated approach’, he maintained, could be very injurious to an ethnic nationality that had never been given the opportunity to unlock its political potentials in terms of having her own in power.

Pointedly, the chieftain of the broom party call on the people of Ndokwa nation to set one goal and pursue it to the letter and at the same time queue behind a leader that shares in the pains of the people who can actually make a notable impact in the National life of Ndokwa people regretting that, such was the reason appointment into Federal Government institutions, agencies, parastatals and Ministries have been near impossible for the Ndokwa man due to disunity driven by greed and petty politics of selfishness by a handful of persons who see the numerical strength of Ndokwa people as a source of their livelihood.

“We need to evolve a strong and reliable political establishment that will be impervious for political entrepreneurs to penetrate and such will be a union of impeccable characters coming together from across party/professional divides to hold forte for our national interest which will be paramount to all Ndokwa people. They will be our political pathfinders and won’t be opportunistic individuals who lack the interest of our people at heart.

In the same vein, Chief Amechi called on the youth of Ndokwa nation to evolve a strong political pressure group that will be formidable enough to resist the maladministration in the state as he condemned the creation of what he described as splinter groups all over the place saying, establishing just one purpose-driven political group for the entire Ndokwa nation will send jitters to the spins of the enemies of Ndokwa people.

The Onwa of Umusadege Utagba-Uno, whose Foundation recently paid the terminal examination fees for final year secondary school students across Ndokwaland recently, noted that the youth of Ndokwa nation have not been able to evolve a union that will be able to hold any government to a standstill due multiplicity of pressure groups in the area while he called for an urgent change of attitude for the betterment of Ndokwa people.

“Ndokwa youth population has the power to build a formidable union and jettison multiplicity of a group that rendered our political establishment vulnerable and easily infiltrated by those who don’t mean well for our people.

“Energy should be dissipated on the formation of just one group that will be able to interface with the authority and attract political favours to Ndokwa land as against what obtains at the moment,  the Ajuwa of Aboh Kingdom maintained.

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