Show me a man who’s good at what he does, and I’ll show you David Vatine.
Although, born and raised in Jerusalem, David had his high school in a secular school in Keisaria City, Israel.

His plan was to become a pilot in the IDF but life took its course and David became a commander in the Israel KI unit.

Over the years, Vatine has built an establishment with more than 20 employees based in Israel, and is also blessed with a beautiful wife, Mor Vatine and his two wonderful kids, Manuel and Almog Vatine.

David says that he got the idea for his now successful his business when he wanted to help his sister who was a wedding dress designer improves her brand. He made Facebook posts and advertisements that then exposed her to a point where her company became one of the 30 design companies in Israel. Because of this, he felt he has a gift of impacting people’s lives and went ahead to start his business, David Vatine Ltd.

He has worked with influential people, two of which are the former Apple and Samsung VP and more senior executive managers in the marketing industry. With a business reach as large as David Vatine Ltd which has been in business for more than six years, he has worked with thousands of people to grow their businesses through digital marketing with amazing results.

Like every success story, David has also had his own personal experiences that now guide him in making good decisions for himself and his company. One of those challenges was his partnerships in the Silicon Valley. According to him, they exploded and since then, he has made it a responsibility to himself to only work with employees and not partners.

David isn’t into digital marketing just for the fun of it. He says that his services are unique and are specifically tailored to serve each client exactly how they want to be served. He also made it known that his plan for the nearest future is to make the modern marketing world accessible to every person in the world.


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