July 15, 2021

AutoGenius rebrands to MyCoverGenius, commits to deepening insurance penetration in Nigeria

AutoGenius, Nigeria’s premier digital insurance platform, has completed a comprehensive rebranding exercise, in line with its mission of improving affordability, access, and transparency in the insurance sector.

Critical to the rebranding exercise is a change of name to MyCoverGenius (MCG), the launch of a new corporate logo and a new website to bring more innovative products under one umbrella platform.

Founded in 2014, AutoGenius took on the challenge of changing the insurance narrative in Nigeria. The company has improved insurance adoption and access, using technology and innovative product design to churn out bespoke insurance products tailor-made for the Nigerian experience.

As MyCoverGenius, it will expand its product range, introduce more sales channels via key partnerships and continue to leverage technology to deliver its promise of Accessibility, Affordability, Convenience, and Flexibility across a wide range of audiences and their insurance needs. 

The rebranding exercise is accompanied by the launch of new products such as Travel Insurance to protect travellers; Gadget Insurance to cover high-end gadgets like phones and laptops, as well as the monthly comprehensive insurance plan that allows users to pay in installment while still accessing the same value as the annual plan. These new products are in addition to the existing auto insurance plans, as well as its retail health insurance product, Flexicare.

Speaking on the rebranding, the Chief Executive Officer, Adebowale Banjo, pointed out that the change in name had become imperative to reflect the company’s strategic direction, “We are focused on creating unique experiences for Nigerians through insurance products that are relevant and easy to use; we will continue to leverage technology and strategic partnerships to deliver distinctive products that offer Nigerians 360-degree coverage and superior customer service experience.

Today, we launch MyCoverGenius, the one-stop digital insurance platform to cater to the needs of individuals and businesses. MyCoverGenius is the platform to power the future of insurance. In the coming months, we will be launching more innovative products that will change the insurance space forever”.

Speaking on their key success factors, the Head of Operations, Alexander Igwe unequivocally stated: “We always focus on our customers. For us, everything starts and ends with the customers. We focus on understanding the problem the customer is trying to solve, building the best solution to that problem and identifying the best channel to deliver the solution. Simply put, we seek to delight our customers at every touch point with the brand, from policy purchase, to support services and claims settlement, our goal is to keep them happy”.

MyCoverGenius will continue to ensure that insurance is dependable and functional for its users by providing tech-infused solutions in securing lives and valuables. It continues to set the pace for user-centered innovation, enabling customers to live their best lives knowing they’re fully covered.

My CoverGenius is currently available as a web app, with the Android and iOS version to be rolled out later in the year. You can learn more about the new brand and products here: