July 16, 2021

Aisha Ochuwa: Keen serial entrepreneur, Lawyer providing clients with affordable luxury

Aisha Ochuwa: Keen serial entrepreneur, Lawyer providing clients with affordable luxury

Often times, our innermost desires are to witness the human beauty compete with the globe’s best attractions. Perhaps there would be no need to alter its appearance if such a competition existed. Therefore, beauty is merely a cloaked disguise for a peculiar appearance.

However, Beauty is personified by an outstanding nature of a uniquely stunning jewelry. These jewelries are often peddled on traffic, by the road sides and even within a market place. Even so, these conventional modes of jewelry sales has ported to an unusual method, often termed; “The rebirth of e-commerce”.

Relatively, the most controversial deluxe jewelry brand in Nigeria is Everything Beautiful by AishaOchuwa (EBAO). This unique brand is owned by Aisha Ochuwa, who is a lawyer and a keen serial entrepreneur.

The company is viewed as a forward-thinking company with a section of employees dedicated to the company’s goals, which includes providing clients with affordable luxury.

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Its services include the sale of high-end gemstones and intricate jewelry, all of which fulfills the needs of its customers.

The objective of Everything beauty by Aisha Ochuwa (EBAO ), has been to advance the Nigerian gemstones sector, as one that is seen to be reliable in varied products through the years, with much innovation and rebranding of gemstones, and sales of jewelry in Nigeria.

Aisha Ochuwa has also collaborated with a number of gemstone artists and jewelry sellers to create sleek and exquisite pieces such as waist chains, pendants, necklaces, bracelets, anklets, and so on. Therefore, these sculpted motifs are composed with precious stones or navratna.

Furthermore, what attracts buyers’ attention is the fact that these things are valuable and genuine, resulting in consumer’s delight.