By Abayomi Adeshida, Abuja

Nigerians have been admonished to always obey all authorities in the land while all those who find themselves in positions of authority have also be challenged to also be prepared to sacrifice their most precious belongings while being pious in all their dealings with the entire society that gave them those positions in trust.

These were the submissions of three Islamic Clerics during their chat with the media after leading their congregation to complete two Rakat prayers as well as performing the symbolic slaughter of fat rams to commemorate the Eid-El-Adha celebrations in Abuja.

According to the Chief Imam of The Chief Imam of Uthman bin Affan Mosque in Wuse II, Abuja, Sheikh (Dr.) Umar Yanda Aliyu, “Our great grand-father, Ibrahim had promised God that he would sacrifice his only son, and he had prepared the son for the sacrifice before God substituted his son with a ram and from that day, we have followed to perform that sacrifice and that is how it would continue till the end of the world.

“For Nigerians, the important lesson here is that we should all know that our words should be our bond and not give excuses when we make promises and the time comes for us to fulfil them.

“The great lessons for the general populace in Nigeria is also in the obedience that the son displayed when he saw the dream and he submitted totally to the will of Almighty Allah even when it was the point of sacrificing him to God.

“We thank Allah who has kept us together for His purpose and pray that He would grant us his peace in every facet of our national life,” Sheikh Aliyu prayed.


In the view of the Chief Imam of the Nasrul-lahi-li-Fathi Society of Nigeria (NASFAT), Alhaji Abdul Azeez Onike, total submission to the Will of Allah and piety should be the watchword of everyone who wants a better society everywhere in the world.

“We are following the preaching according to all of those who have come before u, so, we should strive very hard to make sure that our words remain our bonds.

“Our father, Ibraheem promised Allah that if he should bear a son, he would sacrifice the only son to honour Allah, but when he got to the time when he attempted to slaughter his only son, Almighty opened his eyes to see a fat ram which was used as the sacrifice to Allah,”.

When asked to comment on the ultimate reward for those who are perpetrating insecurity in Nigeria who claims to be Muslims, he submitted that their reward is with Allah.

According to him, “we all know that the Almighty Allah is very slow to judge the acts of human beings irrespective of how humans view them. He is the Creator of all things and decides what to do at His own time.

“I want to say here that whoever is a Muslim should stay and be following the teachings of Islam and whoever is a Christian should make his choice and remain a strong Christian without jumping between being a Muslim and being a Christian.

“But for those who are in any way engaging in insecurity but disguising as Muslims anywhere, a time is coming when Almighty Allah would arrest them and once they are in the trap of God, nobody can free them.

“He is the only Creator who protects  His creatures, and whoever is engaging in insecurity and disturbance among His creatures in His name, He has the adequate reward and once the reward comes, it shall be in full,” he concluded.

Meanwhile during his parley with the media after he led the two Rakat prayers and slaughtered a ram, the Chief Imam of the Ansar-Ud-Deen Mosque,  enjoined everyone to pray for the peace of the world.

In his words, “there is insecurity in many parts of the world, we have to beg Almighty Allah to grant us peace in Nigeria and everywhere in the world,’ he told journalists as he also narrated the origin of the significant day and enjoined all true Muslims to obey the authority of the land.

In a sermon to end the gathering, the Chief Imam prayed, “that Almighty Allah would save us from the ravaging plague of Covid-19 as it is sweeping across the world now. I want to encourage us all to obey all the guidelines as laid down by the government for us to prevent the disease from attacking us.

“We pray that Allah will protect us all. For those who could not gather with us to celebrate today due to the attack of any kind, we pray that Almighty Allah will take them back home safely and He will help us to clean the land of all killer diseases, amen.

Among the many dignitaries who joined in the prayers at the Ansar-Ud-Deen Mosque is The Minister of Mines and Steel Development, Mr Olamilekan Adegbite.


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