2021 might well be the year of business and entrepreneurship. From the hardships that many have faced recently, people are bound to spring up with new ideas and solutions. For online business consultant and real-estate entrepreneur Kinan Salameh, here’s a guide that’ll help businesses thrive in 2021.

Collaborate, Collaborate, Collaborate

Uber modernity is upon us. There are aspects of it that are beyond any rushed understanding. But even the most hard-pressed for time know that 2021 is about collaboration. Kinan explains, “Your business is a link in a global chain. That’s the power of our times. Therefore, you need to think big. Many businesses are already thinking along the same lines. You must find those businesses whose ethos resonates with you, whose work culture and goals you can respect. Then you must network and collaborate with them to conduct truly international marketing trends.”

Find your perspective

Growth is a matter of perspective. While it’s easy to ride the wave with everyone else, there’s no telling if the wave will lead you to an entrepreneurial Bermuda Triangle or towards the shore of success. For Kinan, that means being careful. He says, “It’s a fun ride until one hits a bump. Control is not something today’s budding entrepreneurs or their corporate gurus pin their hopes on. But I think it’s fundamental. It’s important to scale your business, to keep it from stagnating, and to bring its utilities to a larger group of people. This point A to point B can be a marathon run or a short sprint that leaves you gasping for air. Choose wisely.”

Create a culture, not just a company

Employees are people who are willing to give their time for your dreams. That might be oversimplified, even crude but it’s not far from the truth. For Kinan, it means building a culture for employees who will eventually become the arteries of your business. He says, “Don’t become a parent to your employees or a boss from hell. Think about your role as a guide, friend, and occasional learner too. Your attitude will echo through the chambers of your office and employees who stick will do so because they like what they hear.”

Good advice is hard to come by. But Kinan’s easy, practical, and wise tips to grow your venture can come in handy for every entrepreneur.


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