Hon Prince Ned Nwoko had identified cleanliness as a big tool in the short term approach to the fight against Malaria In Africa.

The Billionaire Philanthropist and Antarctica Explorer Prince Ned made this statement in a press release in Abuja to commemorate WORLD ENVIRONMENTAL DAY. The Initiator, Eradication of malaria in Africa whose short term strategy to get rid of Malaria is to Clean-up our environment and get rid of mosquitoe breeding spaces. He also stressed the need to properly manage waste in our environment by having at least one waste recycling plant in every local government area in Nig.

“We know that mosquitoes breed in a dirty environment and one of our approaches is proper waste management through which in Nigeria, over 3 million jobs will be created for youths as each LGA in the country will be assisted to manage their wastes”

The statement read further that the place of CLEAN ENVIRONMENT in the promotion of good health, can not be merely waved aside as it is one of the most important factor for good health.

Clean environment promotes good health more than fighting malaria.

Malaria depends on females mosquitos anopheles to transport it to and fro human and animals. If there are no female mosquitos, malaria will loose it’s prominent carrier.

Now these mosquitos can only breed in a dirty environment (dustbins, stillwater, waste cans, etc), so ensuring a clean environment will frustrate the reproduction of the malaria killer agent/carrier mosquito.

Prince Ned Nwoko had said that Nigerians will learn new attitude towards Cleanliness. This cleanliness will also benefit the people saving them from other Dirty Environmental Related Sicknesses and diseases.

 It is therefore imperative that we begin to learn, adopt and teach all others the NEED FOR A TOTAL CLEAN ENVIRONMENT as it promotes good health and fight against mosquito reproduction in the country.

Statistics shows that Nigeria has the highest burden of Malaria related sickness and death in the world with other five African countries following in the top six.

On this World Environmental day, let’s begin to Clean up your surroundings as that will reduce mosquitoes reproduction because mosquitoes are of no good to the environment.


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