Sonaira sonaira business world

CEO of Sonaira Business World, Sonia Omon-Obehi Ovuehor, has said that the conglomerate was called jack off most trade because it has its tentacles fully dipped in various sectors of the economy.

Ovuehor,, a self-made entrepreneur, who hails from Imo State and a postgraduate student of Igbinedion University, Okada, Edo State, floated Sonaira Business World in 2017 after first beginning in 2015 with skeletal operations.

Sonaira Business World has vested and solid interests in production and marketing of natural skincare products, human hair importation and supply, production, sales and supply of adult and children’s clothing, and sales of adult pleasure toys.

Ovuehor said Sonaira Business World directly runs a real estate arm, that deals in the sale and development of housing projects, real estate consultation and an haulage wing, with proven competence courier and logistics to any parties of the world

The founder of Sonaira Business World added that her company has proven it’s nettle in the area of mentorship, and provision of Dropshipping opportunities for students, fresh graduates , and mothers who stay at home., pointing out that the company caters for multiple segments and starts of the economy and populace.

Speaking in an interview with select journalists in her headquarters office, Ovuehor, a doctoral researcher while recalling that, “we have been rendering skeletal services since 2015 but started fully in 2017″, said that Sonaira Business World has gone through stormy tidal waves and come out stronger, better and.sure-footed from these daunting bottlenecks.

According to the Ovuehor, a global. Shooing agent of high and impeccable reputations, “Sonaira Business World has experienced enormous challenges, theft, fire incidence, and other setbacks that I can begin to name here.

“Despite these setbacks, Sonaira Business World has never stopped conquering and overcoming the negative storms that life and the business climate have thrown at us. We can beat our chest to bold say that our clientele base is strong and keeps growing everyday.This is the reason we regard our clients as family”, Ovuehor added with a wild smile.

While.noting that Sonaira Business World is an enterprise formed from realistic flames, Ovuehor said that she was never in self denial of the reality that succeeding in -business would common on a platter of gold, stressing that she confronted her worst fears and stark realities headlong by staying true to the reason for business ownership.

While recalling that the first challenge that confronted Sonaira Business World was gaining customers’ trust, Ovuehor said that, “it was major problem and it was so evident a we started as an online store. We also had challenges that hinged on getting reliable logistics companies to carry out our shipping and courier operations around the world”.

Not a few business owners and CEOs dispute the fact that operating s thriving business in. Nigeria is one of the most difficult and challenging job anywhere in the world given the poor infrastructural development and corrupt tendencies pervading the body and the head.

While admitting that the Nigerian economic climate is fraught with.storms which can sink companies, Enterprises and conglomerates, CEO of Sonaira Business World said, “We agree that Nigeria is extremely tough for business ventures due to her depreciating economy. Nevertheless, we’ve imbibed an optimistic culture at Sonaira Business World.

“Our eyes are placed on the future because it’s better to look forward than backward. This spirit and vision have kept us moving on through the toughest times”, added Sonaira Business World founder, Ovuehor.

The amazon behind the success story of Sonaira Business World, identified some strategies that have kept her company going and growing since inception.

In the exact words of Ovuehor, “one key strategy that we used to overcome our.problems is that we try to always keep up with the times by upgrading our goods and services.

“We also have a non-competitive mode of operation whereby we focus on our strengths, eliminate our weaknesses, and try not to imitate the general market.
What works for one business might not work for us, so we always stay focused on our lane, ” added Sonaira Business World.female boss.

Speaking further, Ovuehor said that, “even during the pandemic that snuffed life out of not only humans but also several businesses in the world, Sonaira Business World thrived.

“I’m aware that this year’s pandemic has affected several businesses but we’ve been beyond blessed. Our business focuses on beauty and personal care which is a daily necessity for everyone. We have an active online platform for sales and consultations.

“During the lockdown, we had cases of clients wanting to restock skincare and sanitary products for their entire household at all costs. Our courier partners were also very accessible to quicken delivery methods,” added Sonaira Business World top Executive.

Ovuehor highlighted that the use of modern day and cutting edge technology has contributed to the success stories of her businesses.

According to the top lady of Sonaira Business World, “In reality, running multiple businesses is a no brainer for those that understand the dynamics of time. You can’t physically be everywhere at once but it’s possible to monitor several businesses today through advanced technological gadgets.

“An important factor is that every individual is multi-talented, it’s best to pray for discernment in other to know where your talents lie. For me, I don’t see myself as running several businesses, I see myself as having multiple skills and knowing how to apportion time to each one of them periodically”, added Sonaira Business World founder.


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