— Asks youths not to leave nation- building in govt hand alone

Dayo Johnson Akure

Believers Family Foundation has told Nigerian youths that the act of building a virile nation is not only the sole responsibility of government but all and sundry.

The President/ Visionaire, Mrs Florence Bulous Ojogo said this during an event to commemorate the children’s day celebration which attracted over 200 secondary school students across ten schools in Ondo state.

Speaking with vanguard after the event held in Akure, the state capital, Mrs Ojogo said ” l discovered that a lot of adults in the society have in one way or the other have been misinformed and have been living with the wrong information which had formed our opinions.

The event was entitled ” Cultivating Nation Building Act in Teenagers.”

“The opinions have become our way of life which has become our attitude.

“The misinformation is that nation building is a primary assignment of the government. If that philosophy was correct, then the nation will not be where it is today.

” The nation would have been better than this. That was why I came up with the theme: “Cultivating Nation Building Act in Teenagers.”

” ln the foundation, we do things as instructed by God because it is a divine assignment to rebuild Nigeria.

“We have discovered that Nigeria is the most prayerful nation in the world, yet it is the most backward in the world. It means it is beyond praying alone and not doing the works that will bring the result we desire in the nation.

“We have been misinformed. So, there is the need for the young ones to be brought on board in order not to have the same mindset that we grew with that brought us to the same problems we are facing as a nation today.

“The young one should be thought in a way of contributing meaningfully to the growth and development of the nation.

“Our foundation is known as the Believers Family Foundation. It is not a religious group and it is not an ethnic group neither it is a political pressure group.

” But it is a conglomerate of like-minds that believe in the cause of rebuilding Nigeria. It is a network of people that believe in the new Nigeria.

“The foundation is divinely mandated to steer the ship of this great nation to the promise land. Our vision is clear on the focus of seeing Nigeria becoming the most peaceful nation in the world.

“Our mission is driven through a chain of like-minds where the mandate of God to create sustainable economic activities in order to overhaul the corrupt system of the nation, thereby ending violence and bloody crimes in the land.

“Our objective apparently is to lift 100m people out of poverty. The misinformation in the school and society is that nation building is a fundamental responsibility of the government and this information has led us to where we are today.

“It means that the information is not true and genuine. If it’s genuine the nation will not be where it is today. Everybody left the assignment of nation building to the government alone.

“Every responsible individual that should be part of building the nation left it to the government. They don’t have sense of belonging again.

” For Nigeria to become the nation we all desire, we must all come together to join this movement to the nation we desire. For every great achievement begins with a desire. And for us to move to where we want to be, the must be desire and love for the nation.

“The younger ones should think outside the box and not becoming a civil servant after graduating from the school.

” Our youths are unemployed because they were misinformed that it is the responsibility of the government to provide everything for them, so when they graduated they refused to make use of their skills and the gift God has given to them.

” So they’re waiting for the government to provide jobs for them. Where are the jobs in the nation now.

” The children were also taught to be praying for the nation. If we can imagine it, we can become it because as a man thinketh in his heart so he is.

“We also encouraged them to get back to their schools they should talk about how Nigeria will become the most peaceful nation in the world.

“They were also made to know that a nation can be a good nation when the citizens are good and they know that it is their responsibilities to build the nation and not the responsibility of government alone.

“They children were also informed to educate their parents on the implications of receiving money from politicians to vote during elections.

Ojogo added that “They should not sell their future for politicians. It is one of the reasons we don’t have development in the nation.

She pointed out that ” some politicians have become businessmen that traded with their money to get to power. And when they get to power with that mindset, what they will need to do first is to recover their money.


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