She would rather not do it if the big picture will be remarked as “Good Work.” For the phenomenal Nigerian singer, songwriter and medical geneticist Uduak Daniel; the aim of every creative project she does is to reach the point called exceptional and phenomenal.

This drive got her into doing something different from the popular at the time she launched out in 2001. She created Afrocolours which is the fusion of Jazz, Folk, Gospel and African music/sounds.

Uduak Daniel who is also a developmental practitioner and a director in the public service is from Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria and started out her music career in Calabar, Nigeria. For her, she makes timeless music that will communicate and resonate with the marketplace, especially intellectuals and the elites.

Meeting Dr. Daniel for the first time in a plane on one of her numerous trips; be it local or international or encountering her in one of her corporate engagements will never suggest to you how much of a vocal enigma she is, but few things will stand out; she is in a class of her own – different, exceptional, royalty and she’s Pan-African.

On the other hand, you will appreciate and understand practically the meaning of unleash when she moves from the board room to a studio or to a stage where she is to perform a song or two – that moment screams freedom, it paints a picture of a fish who escapes from its prey back into the water.

In 2002 when Uduak Daniel launched her music career with the release of her debut album – Hold On, the album announced the emergence of an extraordinary creative in music. The album impacted the music industry especially in southern Nigeria opening doors for other young artistes to be innovative in their creative process. It was considered a new season in the music space in the south.

According to her, “the motivation for my first album, Hold On, was the confidence that I had something unique and timeless to offer to the world”. The album was enabled with lyrics she usually term “spiritual, inspirational and prophetic”. Her music for the most part is positively affirmative, prophetic for Christians and “speaking into existence typa” if you are a twitter/social media active user.

After the success of her debut body of work – HOLD ON which gave us a full smooth Jazz song called Judah and did enjoy massive airplay on major radio stations across the country and some countries in Africa, the album also gave her performance and showcase opportunities projecting her on platforms where her natural audience were – the creme de la cream of the society in different countries of the world.

In 2006, Uduak Daniel released “The Father’s Heart” which was the first live recorded concert project in the green city of Calabar and infact one of the first in Southern Nigeria. The album opened up a new reality in the music scene in the south, inspiring other artists into doing live recorded projects. She declares, “I was inspired by Integrity Music’s live recordings. It was a show of professionalism which I felt could be replicated. Then in 2010, she in a way of keeping in touch with her followers, fans and supporters while preparing them for her third studio album; released an EP, “Uduak Daniel Promo.”, that release which had 4 tracks also had a single from her third studio album, “Wonderful Ting.:

After a five-year hiatus for personal reasons, she returned in 2015 with a single “Arise Nigeria.” that was widely welcomed and appreciated because the message addressed the gloomy season Nigeria was in at the time. It was considered a very significant political year in Nigeria’s democratic history.

As planned, in summer that same year she released her third, self-titled studio album, “Uduak Daniel;” this was the new Uduak Daniel rendering a cocktail of diverse sounds from around the globe.

Simple put; the album is a “show-off,” it was Uduak saying, “hey guys, I am blessed and in this music thing, I have range”. The project embodied the eka ekong sound from Akwa Ibom, Salsa, Swing, Reggae and Raggaton from the Caribbean. The Gosple and Soul sound, negro spiritual, Afrobeat, folk and of course Jazz was eminent. The Uduak Daniel album was majorly produced and engineered in South Africa. It is considered by music pundits and music executives as her best body of work yet and one of the best by a Nigerian in that class.

In 2020, Uduak Daniel released a single “Your Sister” which addresses gender-based and domestic violence. The release was widely received as the song premiered on hot tracks on Apple Music in over 12 countries in Africa.

2021 looks like a big year for Uduak Daniel as she started out with a new expression – Sessions with Uduak Daniel. A session where she performs live renditions of her songs. The Sessions have racked in over 900.000 views in the past two months. She also released her first single in 2021 titled “No Remain.”

This Afrocolour song was produced by Wale Adeoye was released exclusively on Boomplay Music before release on other streaming platforms and is doing positive reviews from around the world and a great number of radio spins in Nigeria.

The spontaneously creative Uduak Daniel is married with 2 children. She just recently became a grandma.


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