The surge in the demand for sex-related products in the global world is so evident. A growing trend, spurring a boom in the demand for sex-related objects, from lubricants to sex toys, contraceptives, and lingerie. 

Herbs and spices have also gained prominence in today’s world as sexual enhancer or ‘traditional ecstasy’. These herbs and spices come in varying degrees and types.

No thanks to the Nigeria’s sex industry which is evolving so fast, albeit the conservative and cultural proclivities that frown at the lewdness of many sexual issues.

These sexual enhancers popularly referred to as Kayamata is widely common and used mostly in the Northern parts of Nigeria by both sexes; the women and men.

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It is referred to as Maza in the male circus. These herbal enhancer comes in different forms; perfumes, tablets, scrabs and ditches.

According to Faridah Ahmed, a user, she  explains their application and significance to women in her place with the general idea behind it which is to achieve pleasure so much with one’s spouse, even to an extent the husband is pleased enough with the woman not to look outside their matrimonial bond.

Nevertheless, a research recently carried out reveals these Sex enhancers have been drastically misused by their users, hence their abuse, with some vendors mixing other products to them to boost their potency, with utter neglect of the harms they could cause.

It is evident that there are lots of dangers with the use of traditional ecstasy, but sadly, a lot of women do not seem to pay attention to them.

Women are therefore warned to desist from inserting or clipping their cervical tissues as this practice can tear the cervical tissues or such women might even risk the growth of cervical cancer.

Men are not left out of this iniquitous practice, as they also use some of these as stimulants and libido boosters but sadly, Maza also make them cancer prone.

Prostate hyperplasia and prostate cancer are some diseases they can as well subject themselves to due to the prolonged usage of these Sex enhancers. 

Many of our men are ignorant of the deadly hazards attached to the use of these products which leaves room for complications to develop and make them die in silence and getting to find out later would make them broken.

According to the Public Health Education in Nigeria, a research project publications in the International Journal of Traditional and Natural Medicines shows that the use of Kayamata has its benefits, but the side effects have overridden such benefits.

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