In the Present world once every few years a disaster strike in different shape and form but they all have one thing in common, children and especially Children with special needs are the first victims of these disasters. The most current example of it is the Covid Pandemic which puts the lower-income classes under tremendous pressure and in midst of this the first things which may be forgotten are street children or children with special needs.

Despite all said, there is one musician who is trying his best to help children with special diseases (a term used in the Middle East for children with cancer, Thalassemia, hemophilia, kidney failure, and similar type of illness). Amir Hossein Nouri is a Singer and artist born in the fall of 1985, who is working In Tehran to improve the life quality of children with special diseases with a different approach.

He has started a Project called “White Dream”, Locally known as the “Hope Project” around 10 years ago. In his own words “I try to keep the fire of hope burring and bright in children’s hearts when they face an extreme situation with Grim hopes”. Children who he has worked with have been or are going through hard experiences which are challenging even for adults let alone for children.

The white dream started as a simple idea and through the years has evolved to a more powerful experience for children. Amir used to go to charity centers and play music for children as a volunteer and then he started more experimental approaches such as playing musical instruments with children and children’s group singing.
At this point, he realizes that the best way is to raise awareness about this situation and started a music album project whereby singing about hope and raising awareness he could reach more kids and recruit more adults for his cause. Until now he has published 2 of his tracks for this project.

Despite the pandemic and many limitations for his presentative type of works, he has not stopped working. He is levelling up and raising to challenge by learning new techniques and gaining knowledge by attending music and wellness-related courses which are offered by reputable universities such as “Berklee College of Music” to be more effective while dealing with children with special needs.

To top all these he in recent years he has crossed borders to spread his message of hope to children all over the world. In the fall of 2019, he travelled to India and performed series of music shows for children in orphanages or poor neighbourhood schools, in the state of Maharashtra.

Amir is now working on his third song for the white dream project as well as working on some tracks from famous ancient figures of Iran such as Omar Khayyam and Molana Jalal Uddin Rumi.


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