By Sherifat Lawal

In the era where sex has become more common than pure water and people no longer shy away from sexual discussion in public, a good number of ladies would do just about anything to be ‘sweet’ down below.

Even the men don’t want to be left out as they also sex measures to make their partners go nuts and bananas all at the same time, I tell you: it is an uncommon era we are in, legendary I dare say.

In this legendary era, it is a known fact that women have made peace with the use of crude methods to improvise for their sexual deficiencies.

Some women believe that douching their vaginas with concussions and other caustic solutions would enhance sexual excitement through tightness or warmth.

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Let’s talk about douching of the vagina, what does it really mean?

Douche is a French for wash or soak, hence; vagina douching is the process of washing out or soaking {the steam from the water going into the area} the vagina usually with the mixture of water and other substances.

Emergency contraception methods like salt, lime, alum are being used. Some even go as far as douching with kerosene and herbal solutions which turn out to have toxic components, a scenario that has adverse effect on their reproductive system.

On the flip side, the health and social consequences of this practice is so alarming and increasingly, evidences are sprouting which suggest some adverse health effects of this practice which include cervical cancer, bacterial vaginosis, inflammatory disease (PID), post-coitus bleeding, which may be as a result of vaginal laceration, hypertrophy and erosion of the cervix, just to mention a few.

It is even an obvious fact that women could burn themselves because the vaginal area is so sensitive to all sorts of receptors and this practice can be painful and later difficult to treat. There is a natural way the vagina cleans itself which doesn’t include the steaming process.

At the right level, a healthy vagina has bacteria that keeps its ‘PH’ constant but disrupting this through steaming or douching portends a great danger.

Many turn to the street products like alum, epsom salts, to help shrink up the vagina. Some get their vulva “cooked” up by sitting on steamy concoctions and smokes so as to stiffen the vagina tissues.

All these in the bid to satisfy their partners or to have the opening returned to its primeval size and shape after having several or numerous sex partners that they don’t want their partner to have the slightest knowledge of.

These unrefined practices have been proven by studies, especially those in the reproductive health to have injurious effects and should be discouraged.

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