Instant Exchange is your One-Stop Shop for the best sales and deals for Bitcoin, iTunes and Amazon Gift Cards

The gift card fraud is one of the most common scams right now. Scammers set up a phony website to defraud unsuspecting consumers of their hard-earned gift cards. Most gift card holders have become more wary as a result of this in recent years. As a result, it poses a crucial question: where can you safely sell your iTunes and Amazon gift cards?

Fortunately for you, we know exactly where to find it. Instant Exchange is a great place to sell your Bitcoin, iTunes and Amazon Gift Cards.

Who are we at Instant Exchange?

Instant Exchange is one of the most trusted online platforms to exchange your Bitcoin or Gift Card for Naira. You can not only sell your Bitcoin, iTunes and Amazon Cards on our platform, but also sell other brands such as GooglePlay Cards, Steam Wallet Cards, Wal-Mart Cards, etc. We know exactly what you are thinking. You want to know what makes Instant Exchange different from other platforms. In other words, why should you trust Instant Exchange?

Why should you trust Instant Exchange?

This first thing you should know about our platform is that it is a business. Like other companies, our main goal is to continue to be in business. Profitability is just one way to achieve this goal. Instant Exchange has a large and loyal customer base and we have been valuable experience in the business. This is one of the reasons why we offer the best prices. Mass sales make it unnecessary to increase the price range. In addition, there is no commission for any intermediary. You will sell it to a direct loader.

Now that you have decided to sell your Bitcoin, iTunes card and Amazon Cards to Instant Exchange, you must be wondering how to sell it, right? Don’t worry, we provide protection for you.

Below is an overview of some steps for selling on our platform.

How to sell your iTunes and Amazon cards on Instant Exchange website

Take the steps listed below to sell your Cards on our platform:

Visit our website at

Next, scroll through the user-friendly website to access the rate calculator. Enter the value of the Gift Card, choose a similar brand, and check the price. If you’re satisfied with what you see, move to the next step.

Contact Us

Click on the “Trade now” icon. This should give you access to the WhatsApp messenger number of one of our sales agents. Now, in case you’re wondering why the transaction is taking place on WhatsApp, the answer is simple. It makes exchange faster.

You need to provide your gift card, which can be a screenshot (if in physical form), or you can send an electronic code. After verifying your card, proceed to the next stage.


This is everyone’s best part. After verification, if you want to change your gift card to Naira, you need to provide an account number. However, you can also choose to pay in Bitcoin. It depends on your preference. Now, it’s interesting that the three steps outlined above only take about five minutes.

Finally, many people lose their gift cards to scammers every day. However, smarter people have found a way to safely trade Bitcoin, iTunes and Amazon gift cards in Nigeria. In addition, these smart people cash in every time. That’s because they only exchange cards for naira on Instant Exchange, thus avoiding all scammers and offers that seem too good to be true. Why don’t you do this?

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