By Gift Wogu

If you met me during the second season of the Gulder Ultimate Search, it would be all I talked about. The idea of people being adventurous, vulnerable, and providing premium entertainment for us was exciting.

The second season was the first one I watched, and I loved the thrill. I remember, I was about 9, getting ready to be shipped off to a boarding school the next year and what was on my mind was, “how will I watch Gulder Ultimate Search from school?”

When Maltina Dance All came, it blew me away too. A single mum raised me, so I remember telling my Nigerian mum that we should audition for the show. You need to see the way she looked at me. I couldn’t even dance to save a life, so what was I thinking?

I watched the episodes of Maltina Dance All, and when I got to the boarding school, I was sad because missing it was not something I had envisioned.

My love for these shows evolved as they churned out more of them. I loved Who wants to Be A Millionaire, Nigerian Idol, MTN Project Fame, and when I discovered Big Brother Naija, I fell in love with reality TV shows over again. I love it so much that people who miss any part would reach out to me for updates. I could talk about it in my sleep without missing a beat.

Reality TV shows and I have a healthy romantic relationship where I pay my subscription and, in return, get premium entertainment. Acting is excellent, but you know what’s better? Unscripted shows where people get to be themselves and show us the good, the bad, and the nasty.

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Have you taken your time to wonder why Nigerians love reality TV shows? It is the relatability and the ability to see yourself in some of the participants. That’s why during the BBNaija show, we all have faves, and if you look closely, you’d realize that you love your fave because there are certain similarities that you can see in yourself.

If you followed BBNaija on Twitter last year, you must have come across tweets like “I see myself in Laycon” or “Erica reminds me so much of myself.” That’s the beauty of reality TV shows. The participants have zero room to act because there are no scripts.

Thankfully, Reality TV shows have become a staple in the Nigerian entertainment space. It has become so important that we look forward to it every year, and it trends effortlessly even when the shows have not begun.

Do you know the exciting thing? We always say, “where una dey see this money?” But how come amid this money dry spell, we put some money aside to subscribe to our cable to watch reality TV shows?

Do you know some people only watch reality TV shows? I am “people.” The only thing I watch on TV is reality TV shows. My DStv is permanently on E! Because E! does a great job at providing quality content.

However, when it’s a new season for Nigeria’s finest reality TV show, I change the channel to 198 because I want to see the whole action and start stanning a fave right away. Many Nigerians are like me; they are huge fans of reality TV shows. Most people pay attention to their TVs 24/7 during reality TV shows because they do not want to miss any part of the suspense and drama that comes with their favorite shows.

Nigeria is hard enough, and with its never-ending cycle of unfavorable news, people tend to turn away from current affairs, and that’s why I love DStv.

Even though we are always up-to-date with the current happenings in society, there’s also quality entertainment at an affordable rate. Compared to others, DStv offers a wide range of options for a reality TV show lover like me.

As a Keeping Up with The Kardashians and Botched fan, I like switching it up if I want to taste the Naija culture; DStv serves me in reality shows like Big Brother Naija is my all-time favorite and Ultimate Love. Also, if I’m interested in Keeping up with my favorite BBNaija stars, shows like Mercy and Ike or I am Laycon gives me the feels.

No brand does it better than that, and it’s hard to compete with what DStv is offering for the price. You know how I complained about how sad I was about being shipped off to a boarding school as a child, I’m an adult now, and I carry my DStv everywhere on the DStv app. It’s on my iPad and my smartphone. So, I don’t have to rush back home to catch up with my favorite shows wherever I am.

If there is one thing I love about having DStv in my home, it’s how it helps me block the noise outside, and with it, I find happiness in chaos. With the variety of relatable content, DStv offers at a price that matches the value I am getting, I am not complaining!

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