By Olise Enebeli  Imegwu Esq.

 A serving member of the House of Representative who is supposedly the representative in the Green Chambers of the National Assembly (NASS) but has been creating animosity in a manner that suggest he is bent on destroying all Unite the good people of Ndokwa nation. I call him a bridge breaker over his activities lately, what an irony?

Rather than be a consensus builder, he goes about his mandate as if he is a councilor representing only Ndokwa West LGA, his immediate constituency and neglecting the other 2 LGAs. His representation brings back the horrid tale of woes that date back to 1976 when Aboh Division was renamed Ndokwa LGA, later divided into the current 3 LGAs.

Chief Enuenwosu, Osom etc of Ukwuani descent began the change in the 1970s. Since then it has been hope, oatience, perseverance and disappointments for the rest of the tripod.

 The hopelessness is beginning is taking root in the biblical lesson of 1 Kings, 12:16, “When … the king hearkened not unto them…saying what portion… to your tents, O Israel, now seek thine own house…” Since then, Aboh, as a Kingdom, waned precipitously from when the towns in Ukwuani LGA such as Ezionum, Ebedei, Umukwata, Umuesumei, Umuti, Amai etc traced their origins to it. During this period, the Obi of Aboh, Oba of Benin and the Olu of Warri were the ONLY KINGS who attended meetings in the Western Nigerian House of Chiefs. Series of other acts, in rapid crescendo, multiplied to ensure our descent to policy/programmatic oblivion, and which of course, extended to the larger Ndoshimili people of Ndokwa East LGA.

Ukwuani, as a dialect, became foisted on us without our consent. Still reeling from the wounds of the decades past, a neo-21st century ethnic cleansing scheme under the so called pastor who should be representing the people is rearing its ugly-hydra-head in Aboh, by extension, Ndokwa East LGA.

 It comes in the form of domination in our socio-economic-political-policy/programmatic sphere of government benefits. The noted oppressive and imperialistic attitude has been ongoing since 2019 and reached its crescendo when the legislator, decided to take the obnoxious step of scuttling the establishment of the University of Agriculture and Technology, Aboh, Ndokwa East LGA. His reason is that it was not cited in his LGA, Ndokwa West. It is ironic that a PDP legislator elected into office by our joint votes, would turn around to oppose a programme or policy supported by an APC-led Government of President Buhari and APC leadership in the National Assembly, led by Senate President, Senator Lawan Mohammed, Deputy Senate President, Senator Ovie Omo Agege and our own Distinguished Senator, from Oshimili North and the sponsor of the bill, Senator Peter Nwaoboshi. It is worth noting that the serving lawmaker is selfishness personified as his opposition arises from the fact that the said University of Agriculture and Technology was not cited in Ndokwa West LGA where he comes from and added to was that his personal ego is bruised going by the applaud received by Senator Ovie Omo-Agege.

GREED! GREED! GREED! How many Tertiary institutions does Ndokwa West LGA want to have? Presently, you have the School of Maritime Technology, and then, though private, the University of NOVENA and two other Polytechnics in Ndokwa West LGA. In fact, the University of Maritime Technology at Okerenkoko was first being initiated by Prof. B.I.C. Ijomah/Okediadi group for Aboh during Ex-Governor Emmanuel Uduaghan tenure, the EXCO minutes is proof. Unfortunately, the Federal Government built the same for Burutu, the Abohs applauded and supported it because Burutu, like Aboh, is a long-neglected and marginalized Niger Delta and Oil Producing LGA. The lawmaker’s ignoble act has now opened the door for an ANIOMA co-legislator in the House of Reps, Hon. Ndudi Elumelu, to canvass for same University for Asaba, a non-Niger Delta and non-Oil Producing LGA. This is an act born of bad belle for only this year, March 2021, the Delta State University of Science and Technology was established and same have since been inspected and accredited by the University Service Commission.

 What portion have we in the Union called NDOKWA or ANIOMA, to your tent O! Ndokwa Easterners as One Injustice nullifies the other against us, Abohs/Nelgans.

 Thus, the ignoble act by the Ndokwa/Ukwani rep is patterned after the obnoxious acts of the decades of the 70s and 90s, is getting worse and unbearable by the day. First, in the year 2021, Ndokwa Neku Union(NNU) which Ndokwa East LGA belongs, carried out what many considered a disguised form of a Neo-20th Century Ethnic Cleansing when it amended its 2006 constitution and wiped out the delegate representation of Ndokwa East LGA by %100 and increased those for Ndokwa West and Ukwuani LGAs by %100 each. The 2006 NNU Constitution, approved by CAC in 2013, distributed the delegate representation on basis of the number of clans each LGA has.

The baseline figure was 2,   multiplied by the number of clans per LGA. Ndokwa East LGA with its 22 clans had 44 delegates. Ndokwa West LGA with its 6 clans had 12 delegates, while Ukwuani LGA with its 9 clans had 18 delegates. Alas! The so-called 2020 NNU amended constitution, which of course is illegal and unconstitutional, increased the clan delegate representation for Ndokwa West and Ukwuani LGAs to 44 delegates each, while Ndokwa East LGA with 22 clans remained 44. We are bitter and angry about this impunity as it was done against our protestation.

Secondly, the attempt by NNU to present a position paper on behalf of Ndokwa Federal Constituency at the recently concluded Senate Constitution Amendment Review Committee at Grand Hotel was stopped by Rt. Hon. Dr Olisa Enebeli Imegwu, Esq. when it was discovered that Ndokwa East LGA was again to be short-changed. The position paper to be presented that morning was different from the advanced copy in his possession. In the smuggled position paper, NNU proposed that Ndokwa West and Ukwuani with 6 and 9 Clans, respectively, be divided into 2 LGAs each, that is, 4. Ndokwa East LGA with 22 Clans, much larger in size and population, on the other hand, was proposed to be divided into 2 LGAs, Inyi town excluded. It is to be noted that, apart from the large size and population, the other important fact is that our terrain, a typical Niger Delta LGA, is not contiguous and difficult to access. With these acts, what has now set in irretrievably is a deficit trust in the Union, a sick Ndokwa Neku amalgam.

In 1991 Ndokwa East LGA had TWO (2) State Constituencies and Ndokwa West had also TWO (2). Today, while the State Constituencies for Ndokwa is reduced to ONE (1), Ndokwa West LGA remains TWO (2), Ukwuani which was created from it, remains. Fourth, Ndokwa East LGA’s Oil Wells, namely: Beniku, particularly those of Kwale, Kwale East, Umuseti/Igbuku named after towns in Ndokwa West LGA, be renamed with the names of towns in Ndokwa East LGA where they are located and the Production Quantum and revenue, be credited to us. All of the listed grievances amount to a case of One Injustice nullifying the other. Is this a true Union of equals, one of a brother’s keeper?


1.            NASS particularly the Hon. Gbajabiamila-led Green Chambers should ignore the malicious bill being promoted by this enemy of unity and peace in Ndokwa land and approve the University of Agriculture and Technology, Aboh, the headquarter of the only Niger Delta and major Oil and Gas Producing LGA in Delta North, as it did for Amasoma, Burutu LGA and Otuoeke, Bayelsa, in the Niger Delta region. From the inception of NDDC to date, Aboh and Ndokwa East LGA have not had any major NDDC project awarded and completed, and it is a typical Niger Delta and major Oil and Gas Producing LGA, to wit: Aballa Obodo/Aballa Uno/Inyi, Iselegu, Onuaboh/Okpai, Okpai 4 Mile and Onyah Erosion Shore Protection Projects. Note that where and when people consciously acquiesce to the denial of Justice, as it is being done by the grossly overrated Rep and his supporters, the corruption of the institutions, there is the aberration of Ndokwaness, and relief to mankind the World over, recedes.

Conclusively, statesmen in Ndokwa/Ukwuani Federal Constituency, if they really care, should jettison their hegemonic tendencies. Encourage and elect candidates who would be consensus builders. Do away with electoral banditry, occultic politics of power and too much money matters. Abhor the slave obedience to the ubiquitous System who directs them on who to elect into offices whether or not he is a fit and proper person. The failure of Ndokwa statesmen, to hearken to this admonition will invoke the biblical lesson in 1 Kings 12:16, for you cannot build a nation on the back of a people and then refuse to give them a place in it. This is a call for active citizenship and the honourable should join us to build a virile and united Ndokwa Nation and not push us over the cliff.

*Rt. Hon. OLISE ENEBELI  IMEGWU, former Speaker, Delta State House Assembly, DTHA,  writes from Aboh, Ndokwa East, LGA.


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