June 15, 2021

My mother inspired my journey into entrepreneurship – Joyce Imiegha

My mother inspired my journey into entrepreneurship – Joyce Imiegha

To the uninitiated, Joyce Imiegha is best described as, “Joyce has done it all.” In an interesting decade-long entrepreneurship journey, she has experimented and excelled in different industries and businesses, centred around public relations, marketing, talent & event management, TV & Film production and recently, a technology startup.

To you, the versatility may be stunning, but to friends and family who describe her as a passionate and hardworking young woman, not really; she has always been a go-getter, people like her excel at things. What keeps her going? A mantra, “Do it afraid.” For her, it doesn’t matter how scared you are of the process or outcome, bravery comes from doing, not resisting.

The first of four girls, born in Benin-City, Edo State where she had a lovely and quiet childhood. Joyce, born in the early 90s, had very strict parents who monitored everything they consumed – books, movies, the people they came in contact with and even more. Her father, who may be the coolest #GirlDad ever, kept Joyce and her sisters occupied with all the good stuff – books, games, holiday lessons, summer camps, seminars and even a personal computer at home, a big deal at that time. Naturally, computer literacy gave them a head start in life ahead of their peers.

Her late mother, Judith Imiegha was the first reflection of who she wanted to be – hardworking, kind-hearted and resourceful. She worked as a nurse and midwife, dedicating a lot of her time to catering to the ill and pregnant women while balancing a few entrepreneurial ventures effortlessly. This is why Joyce lauds her mother’s work ethic and passion as a driving force for her journey and success so far.

According to her, her parents were committed to ensuring that their children were provided for and well-equipped for their future. It may not have been visible at the time, but now, it’s easy to see how this discipline shaped her and her sisters into what they are today — a family of female entrepreneurs we might add.

Joyce recalls her earliest memory and encounter of running a business was at the early age of 10, spending a few hours a day during the holidays watching her mother run her small chemist. She remembers watching her mother dutifully catering to the health needs of people who visited the shop day in, day out. Few years down the line and at the age of 17, Joyce was helping her mother manage the Chemist with little or no supervision.

So far so good, Imiegha’s zest for life has manifested in a number of different career paths, including being an entertainment promoter, publicist, merchant, talent/event manager, digital marketer, TV/film producer, and an editorial consultant — to name a few.

If you think this may be all for this multifaceted career/businesswoman, you better think again because Joyce maintains that she is on a mission to tick off an entrepreneur bucket list that literally has no end.

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