With more credence given to online promotion in these digital era; Music Plugger, Sheriff Salaudeen better known as Mr. MuchMusic LessTalk (MMLT) is of the opinion that despite the believe by some school of thought that online music promotion surpasses any other form of promotions; it is needless to state categorically that offline music promotion is still very much relevant and its result value cannot be compared with online promotion; the more reason offline can never go into extinction.

Shedding more light on this, Sheriff noted that offline promotion can employed to drive a larger online audience which can in turn increase the number of genuine fan base. Research have confirmed the impact of TV and radio promotions on its viewers as the content viewed or listened to on both platform will drive urge to go online and check out songs for personal repeat play.  Some of the many offline promotional methods include, Performance, Signs & Billboards, Newspapers & Magazine, Merchandise, Flyers & Posters amongst others.

He said ‘People who are watching TV or reading newspapers are usually focused on the task at hand while those who are scrolling through social media or browsing online aren’t as focused as they could be easily distracted at any point in time’.

On one of the difference; Sheriff further explained that online promotion is limited as it depends on certain technology that can restrict the targeted audience who does not have access to a specific type of technology

It is also important to disclose that as a musician desirous of boosting his/her music career; there is need to employ the combination of both the online and offline music promotion rather focusing on one in order to reach a wider audience.


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