June 27, 2021

Meet Mark Atalla, the innovative lending magnate who is a thriving mortgage industry success

Meet Mark Atalla, the innovative lending magnate who is a thriving mortgage industry success

Business owner, Mark Atalla has made his mark and his story is a classic example of a brilliant lending industry success story. He thrives on changing the dynamics of the finance industry with his private lending firm, Carlyle Capital.

This California-based nationwide private lending firm has achieved staggering heights of success due to their unrivaled level of commitment to providing fast and honest hard money lending services to meet their clients’ various real estate needs.

Carlyle Capital’s team is made up of driven and committed lending experts who prioritize providing excellent service and aggressive financing to benefit investors. It is through this dedication to success that Mark’s enterprise has been able to come out on top.

Owning a home is a cornerstone of the American dream as far as most individuals in the United States are concerned. Unfortunately, many of these individuals share a common negative conception about their chances of taking part in that dream.

Many believe there is no way that they could ever afford to own property, especially in California, and struggle to find path to achieving that goal. However, most are simply unaware of the required skills and knowledge that will help them reach a position in which they can fulfill that aspect of the American dream for themselves.

This is when ace business owner, Mark Atalla and his private lending firm, Carlyle Capital come into the picture for making the process not only possible, but simple with lending and refinancing funds for clients’ real estate investments.

Carlyle Capital is dedicated to equipping those initially interested in real estate investing, but who do not have the appropriate knowledge regarding the technicalities that come with financing with the information they need about financing real estate, such as construction, fixing and flipping and more.

“The basic idea behind establishing this firm was to help those who are interested in getting started in real estate investing or those who are already experienced to get a hold of a passive income.“ says Mark. Mark is the founder and managing partner of Carlyle Capital, a nationwide asset-based private lender and asset management firm that deploys real estate capital as short-term bridge loans to various real estate investment deals.

Mark’s family migrated from Egypt in the early 70s. His parents faced many struggles when they first arrived in America, but they worked hard and remained dedicated to giving their family a chance to live American dream.

Their efforts gave Mark the opportunity for higher education, and he graduated from California State University Fullerton with a bachelor’s degree in business economics. He began his financial career during college when he was employed with the Newport Lending Group.

He then entered the mortgage industry at the age of just 19, which gave him the confidence and essential knowledge he needed to pursue his own private lending company. A few years later at just 23 he established his private lending firm, Carlyle Capital. With over 25 years of experience in the private lending industry, he is committed to finding those innovative techniques that have given him a reputation for underwriting and understanding even the most complicated real estate transactions.

This consistent dedication to meeting client needs is how Mark and his driven team maintain an index of wealthy buyers, traders, and investors including many high-profile athletes, celebrities and developers who always turn to Carlyle Capital with their hard money loan needs.

“Established in 2000, with remarkable strength and expertise Carlyle Capital has reliably provided many investors with quick and versatile real estate financing for a variety of residential, multifamily, mixed-use, office, retail, warehouse, manufacturing, self-storage, hospitality, and other commercial properties.

If a private loan is required to purchase a property quickly, Carlyle Capital is prepared to make the process as simple and quick as possible to meet the timing needs of the client”, says Mr. Atalla. At Carlyle Capital, funding is done according to the collateral, market value, and the borrower’s financial standing and their ability to repay the same” says Mark.

Mark is a charismatic lending magnate who has achieved tremendous success, but he was able to get to where he is today only because he was a very strategic and passionate individual from the start. His advice to university graduates and those who are aspiring to start their own business is “Find your passion as you have nothing without that.”

He also encourages anyone pursuing a career in the lending industry to “hustle hard, never give up, stick to a growth mindset, and face everything with great morale. Mark profoundly believes in chasing greatness, as that is the one intangible quality that everyone wants to experience.” Mark yearns to mold his legacy with a passion that is zealous enough to drive future generations to take risks in pursuit of greatness like he did.