I want to see Nigerian authors succeed globally  ---Mrs Ilusanmi
Mrs Awele Ilusanmi

By Elizabeth Osayande

GONE are the days when writers are referred to as beggars. For Mrs. Awele Ilusanmi, not only can authors make money from their craft, they also get recognition and support with the right network. 

Mrs. Ilusanmi is an acclaimed self-author of two books: Comforting Arms- A Compilation of motivational Christian Poems: and Launch Money  – A non-fiction book on how to launch your products and services successfully. In this exclusive interview with our correspondent, she shares her wealth of experience in the creative industry. 

Who is Awele Ilusanmi? 

 I am the Nigeria Chapter President of Association of Publishers For Special Sales, Denver, Colorado, USA. I am also the President of Literary Authors Cooperative Multipurpose Society of Nigeria. The association is legally registered in Lagos, Nigeria. It is the first Nigeria Literary Authors Cooperative. In addition, I am also a member of the Welfare Committee of Association of Nigerian Authors, ANA, Lagos chapter.

What do you do? 

I am the founder and president, Literary Authors Multiple Cooperative Society that was inaugurated   in December 2019 by the Cooperative Department of Lagos State Government. This is the first of its kind in Nigeria. 

The society is established to help members become successful authors by financially supporting one another.   And its objectives include: help writers become successful authors; help members to publish, promote and market their books;   help members get access to international publishing deals. Promote reading culture and help authors   build successful authorship brands and become successful.  We do these by making stakeholders to minimize and hopefully stop piracy.  To organise book publishing and marketing Training for Authors.

And the reasons for my passion is that most Nigerian authors don’t know they can get support with the Literary Authors Cooperative with proper planning. I am passionate and committed to see Nigerian authors succeed globally.

Tell us more about The Literary Authors Multiple Society? 

The Literary Authors Cooperative Multipurpose Society of Nigeria is a financial and informative supportive system that enable authors to pursue their writing careers successfully without any financial stress. Here, authors can get support and give out support to build up their book ideas, do proper editing, printing, book signing, book launches, book marketing and author branding.

How do the Literary Authors Multiple Cooperation work?

The aim of the group is to encourage target savings towards achieving a specific goal by individual author. They promote reading culture, make financial profits by fulfilling their responsibilities;  enhance cooperative support to achieve set goal as an author; develop millionaire mentality in the minds of our author; and to promote authorpreneurship as a way of life.

Only financial supporting, contributing members and fully Registered members can get the above benefits. 

Achievement of the Society since its operation? 

So far, we have supported over 20 Nigerian authors to go through training programs in publishing and marketing of their books. We have introduced some authors to improve their writing skills through international online trainings too. Help build website for authors and help authors organize mini-Book launch successfully.

And presently, we have about 50 registered and committed members on the platform.

How do you feel seeing your work getting an international consultation deal?   

I feel happy. My Two Books in one Girls Gold just won an   international consultation book offer. What this means in book marketing is that   an expert sees value in the book cover and the synopsis to pitch to corporate buyers.

So, to an author you are starting from a winning side where companies can order from 10,000 copies of your books and pay you upfront.You also become a brand ambassador representing the companies. Hold book signing and speaking engagements.

So what are goals and aspirations? 

As a group, the Literary Authors Multiple Cooperation Society, we will be looking at team support for members. These will include financial and moral support via helping edit/proofRead Books; Promote Books on Amazon and other platforms; Book International Consultation for Companies to buy our books locally and internationally ; Advertise our books in local and international trade fairs : Print Books/Team Promote our books on Social Media Platforms;   Get Publishing deals/Book Launch; and having members smile to the bank.

Have you received any recognition for your works aside getting an international consultation deal? 

Yes. I received Connect Nigeria Award   In recognition of my support, and contribution to the Nigeria Literary Space. This was in September 2019.

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