Pay close attention to the Nigerian economy, and you will observe that past governments have primarily underestimated the agricultural sector. As a country, we are spoiled with fertile ground, and we possess the climatic requirements for a thriving agricultural industry.

However, we still suffer the predicaments of a country that has less fortuity for successful agrarian productivity.

 In the 2020 Global Hunger Index, Nigeria had a GHI score of 29.2. On the GHI performance chart, this implies that Nigeria has a level of hunger that is “serious”. It is a general opinion that the government should tackle agriculture at all levels to undo this unfortunate situation. Steps in this direction have not been visible to the populace.

Watch Hon. Azuka talk about his plan for Agriculture in Anambra:

It is heart-warming to see Anambra gubernatorial aspirant Hon Azuka Okwuosa unveil his plans to revitalize agriculture efficiently in the state. When elected governor, he intends to exploit all agricultural possibilities to end hunger in Anambra. In a video found on YouTube, he intelligently dissects the farming sector. He explains how the performance of the singular sector transcends other aspects of the economy and society in general.

Asides from its role in eliminating hunger, agriculture is a massive employer of labour at every level. According to his analysis, It would translate to the creation of enormous demand in the state’s labour market. This demand will increase the productivity of individuals, especially youths, giving them a chance to earn an honest living, thereby reducing the crime rate within the state. He makes a compelling argument that agriculture can contribute immensely to the fight against insecurity in the state.

Hon Okwuosa also highlights the possibility of reversing the trend of agricultural importation in Nigeria. A productive farming sector will see the exportation of the farm produce within the state to other parts of the world. According to him, when farmers in Anambra begin to export their produce, it generates income for both the private and the public sectors. It is a move that will eventually be fundamental to the progress of the country at large.

Agro mechanization, construction of preservation facilities, construction of fertilizer plants, and many more are some of the plans within his blueprint for the development of Anambra state should he be elected governor this November. He also maintained that the government would be the first off-takers of agricultural products. This will ensure that there is a constant demand for the farmers in Anambra state. He has demonstrated that he knows what is broken and can fix it. The Anambra electorate should stand with the well-informed man who is capable of fixing what is broken in the state.


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