June 18, 2021

Female Genital Mutilation: Cyril Odenigbo out with ‘BREAK The Blade’

Cyrl Odenigbo out with ‘BREAK The Blade’, Nollywood

Cyril Odenigbo

Ace film producer, Cyril Odenigbo, CEO cum Creative Director of Magnus  Film Academy, is out with an historic African movie, titled: ‘Break The Blade’.

It is being staged as a novel film to unravel the untold story of female genital mutilation practices, still plaguing some Nigerian settings and African communities.

The core suspense-filled African movie is a production of Magnus Film Academy in collaboration with Ten Pounds Studio, voiced in English and French languages for audiences in both English and French-speaking African countries.

‘Break The Blade’, according to the Creative Director of Magnus Film Academy, “is an historical piece borne out of thorough expositions of female genital mutilation practices in some Nigerian communities, while the primary aim is to educate the public on other ugly side of the primitive custom.

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“The film, which features renowned actors like Jibola Dabo, Adaeze Eluke and others, is also being promoted to emphasise the need to raise awareness on those unrevealed aspects of female genital mutilation, and to further educate the public on other consequences that are likely to emanate from the archaic practices.

The film anchor said there are other untold stories about female genital mutilation in some African communities which have adverse effects on the victims and their future generations which the film seeks to unravel.

He added that such knowledge that is about to be exposed through the cinema will stimulate interest and understanding of some other risks inherent in female genital mutilation.

The private screening of the movie which is scheduled for Sunday, June 20 at Bontera Hotel & Suite, GRA, Enugu, Enugu state, will be watched by selected personalities and group representatives who have been fighting the cause of female genital mutilation in African settings.

Their expert views will be collated as recommendations for future productions on practices related to the female gender.

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