By Ayo Onikoyi

Sultry Nollywood actress, Peggy Onah who recently relocated from Enugu to Lagos is off the courtship market. She is taken and soon to be married in a matter of weeks. The gleeful actress shared the news with Potpourri via a WhatsApp chat, revealing some details of how the romance played out.

“We met in Lagos. We met at an unusual place while on different missions. I was so scattered on that day that I wasn’t thinking of making any acquaintances. He, on the other hand was so carried away and busy with the business he came for, that I could swear he wasn’t seeing me,” she narrated beaming with joy

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She revealed that she was going through emotional stress at the time and had no thought of a romantic relationship of any kind.

“I was so lost in thoughts that anyone who saw me would really know I wasn’t happy,” she continued. “I think he noticed I was emotionally down. He walked up to me and he tried to crack jokes with me. I refused to pay attention to his jokes but at some point his jokes got to me and I started laughing.

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He has a good sense of humour and that made us get along easily regardless of what I was going through at the time. We exchanged contacts. He always called to check on me. He became a brother I never had and also a father. At some point, we got so used to each other that we could not stay for a day without talking to each other.”

According to her, at that point they knew they were in love. What followed was a marriage proposal to which the delectable actress said “yes”. And the rest, as they say, is history.

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