To stand a good chance of becoming a successful entrepreneur, the aspiring entrepreneur must advance himself or herself through constant education and reorientation, says the founder of Sonaira Business World, Sonia Omon-Obehihor.

Ovuehor, who graduated from the University of Benin, before proceeding to the Pan African Institute for Entrepreneurship and Community Development in 2014, where she had a life-changing experience that metamorphosed in her acquiring cutting-edge knowledge and skills that positioned her for entrepreneurship success, said limited education was a recourse to stunted growth in business.

The Sonaira Business World CEO, who is presently running a postgraduate research course at Igbinedion University, Okada, Edo State, jettisoned the notion that quality .education has no direct or indirect impact in finding success in business entrepreneurship.

According to Sonia Omon-Obehihor, “Sonaira Business success story because of the quality education I got and the quality of manpower at our disposal, which together have impacted in a positive way our business trajectory and plan.

“I can go further to positive that obtaining quality education is very important and essential to entrepreneurship in modern day society because it is the level of knowledge St your disposal that will determine the altitude you will reach in life. As the popular saying goes, garbage in garbage out, quality in quality out”, said Ovuehor of Sonaira Business World.

Currently undergoing a doctorate degree programme at the University of Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Ovuehor has an insatiable thirst for quality education, which sh e argued was bedrock for survival in a changing, challenging and dynamic global space.

Speaking in an interview session with reporters at a breakfast meeting in her expensive office in Port Harcourt Sonia Omon-Obehi Ovuehor said: “In this age of e-commerce and social media, where business without border is the new normal , an entrepreneur must be conversant with international trade protocols, international relations, politics and trends”.

The founder of Sonsira Business World argued that being internet savvy does not equate or translate to having proper and quality education.

In the words of Ovuehor, “no matter how internet savvy you are, without a proper education, you will, most times, found yourself in a disadvantaged position.”

Buttressing her viewpoint, the founder of Sonaira Business World, which deals in over seven different business interests like fashion items, real estate, haulage and courier services, business mentorship and and adult toys sales, pointed out that, limited or lack of education on the part of the owner of the business would stand in the way of growth of the company even when skilled professionals occupy sensitive positions in a company.

According to. Ovuehor, “Even if you employed experts and specialists, your limited education will, at times, count against you in moments when you are supposed to make smart and snap decision.”

To her credit, Sonia Omon-Obehi Ovuehor, built Sonaira Business World, which is essentially and holistically an online conglomerate, single-handedly.

This laudable achievement, Ovuehor was able to pull off in part because of her high level of education. Armed with a first Degree from the. University of Benin, Edo State and a post graduate research student at Igbinedion University, Okada, the CEO of Sonaira Business undergoing her doctorate degree programme at the University of Port Harcourt, Rivers State.

Having previously completed her studies at the Pan African Institute for Entrepreneurship and Community Development in 2014, where she expanded her knowledge about business, the top notch education Ovuehor acquired at the institute helped to shape her experience in commodity trading, which is her strong forte.

And Ovuehor is quick to point out that education has been the bridge that has taking her closer to the next level and height of business growth and success.

In her exact words, Ovuehor said that, “Many people are wondering how I have been able to cope with entrepreneurship and I often tell them that having a good educational background boosted my entrepreneurial instinct.

“Growing up, I watched my mom run several businesses, mostly petty trading, even as she took on a daily paid job at times.

“From a tender and young age, I already had an insight into how possible it was to make money from several sources , but having quality education was the catalyst to what I am presently doing at Sonaira Business World.

“That is why it is just imperative and essential that any person who wants to have a sterling entrepreneurship must as a golden rule have a sound education as it will he or she you to forge higher and instill those entrepreneurial instincts in the individual”, added the amazon at the helm of affairs at Sonaira Business World.


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