June 9, 2021

EasyShare.Africa appoints Prince Ugo Mike Enwerem, as Executive Director

EasyShare.Africa appoints Prince Ugo Mike Enwerem, as Executive Director

EasyShare; a fast, reliable, and super affordable way to send and receive money to anyone in Africa using crypto, has announced Prince Ugo Mike Enwerem, as its Executive Director; Business Development and Marketing.

Prince Ugo is a skilled professional with over 13 years of executive leadership with a prime focus on business development, foreign partnerships, and asset generation. Prince brings vast expertise from the fintech sector participating in the development and deployment of Tradermoni, the largest microcredit scheme in Africa.

His multi-disciplinary background and solutions orientated approach through design thinking has allowed him to craft and maintain sustainable, integrated strategies across foreign development disciplines for past and recent clients. He is a valued member of the team with impressive communication skills and fluency in 5 languages. Prince Ugo has worked across multiple sectors including Fintech, Oil & Gas, Aviation, Hospitality, Entertainment, Renewable Energy, Agriculture, Infrastructure and Development. His exposure which transcends from the Main Street to Wall Street, coupled with his passion brings a novel approach to the industry.

Commenting on the appointment, Prince Ugo stated: “I believe in the future and that technology has a pivotal role to play in the future. One of the things that technology has given birth to is crypto and it can greatly supercharge the remittance and international development space. Immigrants for instance can send remittances safely, securely and seamlessly round the clock. The entire Easyshare ecosystem also makes it easy for a lay man to be on-boarded to crypto and understand what it is anywhere they are in the world”

Ben Onuoha, Co-founder and Head of Partnerships & Community at EasyShare.Africa expressed his excitement at welcoming “The Crypto Prince”, — as he is fondly called — to the team. He said “Ugo is someone whose vision, passion, work ethic, team spirit and international blend/network inspires me and many others across Africa and the globe. We’re excited to welcome him onboard to lead our Business Development and Marketing efforts.”

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