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June 11, 2021

Daniel Moses speaks on how to thrive in the UK property market

Daniel Moses speaks on how to thrive in the UK property market

Daniel Moses who is a thriving Nigerian, lost around £150,000. equivalent to NGN 87,000,000.00 Naira in Nigeria in 2015, fast- forward to the present he has grown into one of the rising Property Entrepreneur in the UK.

Daniel Moses is the Founder of Property Wealth Education and Associates Companies Brand, within it, it has Investment, Training, Management and Property Development Arm in United Kingdom.

In addition to the above virtues, Daniel has also proved his mettle in authoring a book which is recently launched on amazon and it is already on its way to become a bestseller in entrepreneurship category.

Daniel has been featured on Fox News & Networks, CNBC, Yahoo Finance and more, we caught up with Mr. Daniel Moses, to talk to us about his level of success in the real estate sector and how others can emulate him.

Mr. Daniel Moses also is a Podcaster on Spotify Music, Google Music which is Called the Property Wealth & Business Podcast which any can listen to from your phone by downloading Spotify Music app.

Before we get into this interview let us talk about your Book – Rent to Rent Made Easy

Thank you very much, I am just so super excited to have gained the title author, because in as much as I am a graduate from the University of Benin, where I studied sociology and  anthropology and graduated 2004/2005, I wasn’t really a strong reader or someone who loved books.

However, I started studying and reading books for personal development in 2017 and my passion has grown gradually. After a series of mindset development and personal growth, I discovered that I had a greatness inside me to first transform myself and then others through what I have learnt.

So, in 2019 May I decided to write a book about property, especially to help many to start investing in property using the same steps I took, which involves very little money, I have learnt a lot over the years.

And this book is a guide to readers to show how it is possible to be an entrepreneur in property investment without an over burdening sum of capital.

This book will help anyone discover how to start a property business with just £7000.00 in the UK. However, that does not mean that the book only applies to people in the UK, this book applies to each and every country that has property.

You will find all the valuable and meaningful information about starting from scratch to what I built in 4 years. Anyone can follow in my footsteps and do the same. My book is called “Rent To Rent Made Easy”, it is released on the 8th of June 2021 and I am thrilled to share it straight away climbed on top of the chart as an Amazon Bestseller on Entrepreneurship Books.

1. Can you tell us a brief history of your Career?

My journey for independence and to create my own economy started in 2004 when I left Nigeria for the UK in search for a better and productive career. However, in 2012, I decided to relocate back to Nigeria to establish a business in Oil and Gas haulage. Unfortunately towards the end of the year in 2015, we  had massive challenges in my Nigerian arm of business, whereby we had to undergo a massive loss of around £150,000 an equivalent to NGN 87,000,000.00 today’s exchange rate, I went back to the UK and had to undertake odd jobs like a delivery man for survival for a few months and shortly after I also became an

Uber Taxi driver for a brief period before venturing into the property business in 2017. Within the last four years I’ve managed to build a business in valuation that goes over £2 million in operation.

2. How can you train others in making the right property investment decisions in the UK?

Well, we offer this through our multiple training programs at Property Wealth Education, many Nigerians can get involved by getting themselves educated through seminars, networking events, reading my property books or even following my social media pages, as you already know that most middle and upper class Nigerian citizens love sending their kids to the UK for holiday and to study in the university from their personal savings or salary, this affects their finances later.

I would however suggest the first thing to do before sending your kids abroad to study or visit on holiday is to put up a viable business such as investing in properties in the UK, so that it helps generate funds to shoulderthe cost of the child’s education or holiday cost, this is so important especially now that the exchange rates are going crazy and the Naira continues to depreciate.

3. Does property investment help people access faster citizenship in the UK?

 Not Sure, investing in properties in the UK does not provide faster access to the British citizenship. But there are specific amounts you can invest in the UK that gives you the pathway to having a business permit, with that, you can walk through a path that can lead you to being a resident, however I will highly recommend you seek the help of an immigration consultant as I am not an expert in this area.

4. How can you serve the average Nigerian investor?

By educating them on available opportunities in the UK property market and how they can apply them to create considerable wealth, this is one of the reasons I launched my Podcast, and wrote a book called Rent to Rent Made Easy, which teaches and gives the foundation information on getting started in property with little or no money.

5. Can you provide us with a brief insight into Property Wealth Organization?

We have several businesses within it, Property Wealth Estates is a management company that uses control of properties seeking permission to use the properties as a ‘House of Multiple Occupations, to understand what this means I would recommend readers to buy the book on Amazon by searching for DANIEL MOSES RENT TO RENT MADE EASY BOOK.

Property Wealth Capital is a company that acquires assets for further wealth and legacy building.

Property Wealth Education is a company that trains, mentors and organize seminars and events for everyone keen on getting their foot into property investing market.

6. How would property investment impact on the life of an investor?

 Let’s assume you buy a land or property today at the right location, that property will automatically double in value in a matter of time, let’s say 10 years in this example, so for me that is already a great asset, than if you were to save or maybe start other businesses, so Real Estate Investing doesn’t depreciate, it appreciates so you always win, that can impact your life massively

7. Can you provide a brief narrative of the journey and the success stories of the trainees, Mentee and clients you’ve mentored?

Over the last 18 months, we’ve worked with the likes of Temi Sanyaolu. He started with us in June 2019, and within 60 days, he used the Rent-to-Rent model to generate £1000 profit. He has now built a portfolio of controlled properties that has replaced his income from full time job. Another mentee Sandrine Maha, started her journey in January 2021 through our six-month Wealth Circle mentoring program, & within 2 months she created a portfolio of two properties, generating just about £2000 Net profit monthly. Nick Ifill is

another very successful mentee who start during lockdown in April last year with zero and by 2021 has built a business generating £100,000 Gross income.

8. To our readers who would like to invest in the UK how can you help them?

There are many Nigerian that have bought properties in the UK we can manage the properties for them through the Management arm of our business. We can educate and train those who will love to master the creativity of creating wealth through property in the UK, which I highly recommend so you get to know us. You can invest/Partner with us in our many projects and gain great return on investment annually.

9. How can our readers reach you for consultation and investment opportunities?

They can reach me on my website, They can sign up for my live webinar that I organize every Thursday from 6:30 pm-8:00 pm. It is where I take people through our various property strategies and how they can apply to get the step-by-step process to understand what the foundation on property investing looks like.

They can book a consultation call or follow me on Instagram @Danielmosesdm.

Facebook, Daniel Moses dm.

LinkedIn: Daniel Moses.

Twitter: Danielmosedm.

They can also call my office directly on +442071172061.

10. What final words do you have for our readers?

I would like to say that when life knocks you down, try to land on your back because if you can look up, you can get up, find your way back, rise and do it all over again. Success has a price, and the price is hard work.

Interviewer: We have come to the end of this fantastic and insightful interview, and we hope you have picked one or two ideas from this conversation. For those with questions or who need more insight into property investment in the UK, please feel free to reach out to Daniel Moses through any of the contact channels he gave above.

We extend our warm hands of welcome to present and prospective clients.