Sonia Omon-Obehi Ovuehor

The founder and CEO of Sonaira Business World, Sonaira Business World Sonia Omon-Obehi Ovuehor, has said that customers satisfaction was key to the achievement of growth of any business enterprise

Speaking in an interview with reporters at her expansive office, the boss of Sonaira Business World, which prides itself as the leading online and offline retail outlet in the country, observed that a lot of companies have gone under because they paid little or no attention to the customers’ satisfaction.

Sonaira Business World CEO, Sonia Omon-Obehi Ovuehor, said the trajectory of her business has changed for the business since she made customer satisfaction the central focus, with sales of its products rising considerably.

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While discarding the view that Sonaira Business World like most other companies was established with the primary aim of making maximum profit, Ovuehor, whose interests in commodities trading and entrepreneurship were horned by her petty trader mother, said she was satisfied with the strides made by Sonaira Business World since it’s started operations fully in 2017.

According to the CEO of Sonaira Business World, “our aim in business is not to make money as some people think. Our motto is to satisfy our customers even if it comes at a financial loss to us.

“At Sonaira Business, we know that customer satisfaction will lead to increased patronage for our products and more income will naturally flow into her coffers. We don’t pursue money at Sonaira Business World, rather, money chase us because we satisfy our customers”, said Ovuehor.

Ovuehor is a result-driven young entrepreneur, with an uncommon knack for excellence, noted that her objective for floating Sonaira Business World was to positively affect her target audience by providing services and a wide range of products that meet the expectations of the customers and clients.

The postgraduate student of Igbinedion University, Okada, Edo State, said, she went through the mill before getting the experience and acumen needed to oversee the daily running of Sonaira Business World and steer it to the next level of greatness in the business world.

From the lessons instilled by her mother, her internship period in the defunct AfriHUB, UNIBEN Branch, to when she joined the Pan African Institute for Entrepreneurship and Community Development where she was tutored in a full course on MSI (Multiple streams of income)

“I regard myself as a lifetime entrepreneur because I derive so much pleasure from buying and selling major commodities with a holistic approach. This has given my business our remarkable alias “the jack of most trades”.

Speaking on how she began, Ovuehor said, “I loved people who had multiple sources of income because it guaranteed stability and liquidity. zest for multiple incomes came from her growing up, seeing her mother. It was not long, the business became a household because of her desire to having multiple streams of income and skills and the desire to improve daily on each one of them”.

The boss of Sonaira Business World said that life has dealt her with a mixed grill of good and bad, stressing that, “My growing up was quite sweet and sour. On one hand, I had parents who work hard to give me a quality education.

“On the other hand, it was filled with solitude because I had severe allergies due to my medical history, this made my parents overprotective by shielding me from going out or having playmates.

“It affected my interaction with people as I grew older and made me develop acute mood swings in my teenage years.”

On how she managed to wriggle her way out these bottlenecks which on any day, would have consumed the weak and fainthearted, Ovuehor said that she had to be courageous in confronting her challenges.

The CEO of Sonaira Business World said, “it took a lot of personal determination and doggedness now become a successful entrepreneur, making things happen at Sonaira Business World, “Ovuehor said that she had to be courageous in..confronting her fears.

“t took a lot of personal development and life experiences to shape and mold myself into the woman I am today. I also appreciate my parents, siblings, and close friends for guiding me through the whole reformative process,” added Ovuehor

Speaking further, Ovuehor said, “over a decade ago, I started business as a very young student. I sold cosmetics, thrift clothes, shoes, and bags. Then worked intermittently during the incessant academic strikes.

“A major career experience I had was working as an intern in the now-defunct AFRIHUB, UNIBEN BRANCH. It was an ICT company and my computer skills accelerated while working with them and this skill opened windows of opportunities for me after my first degree.”

“After graduation, I worked in a telecommunications company, another construction company, and lastly a beauty company before moving on to birth my own small and medium scale enterprise,” stated Ovuehor, the amazon running things, who noted that “Sonaira Business World is a well-thought business entity because it was designed to resolve daily challenges”


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