…says no need to breakup, sues for peace

…promises to approach agitators

By Gabriel Ewepu

ABUJA-WITH frightening apprehension currently gripping Nigerians following spate of insecurity in the country, a Civil Society Organisation, CSO, called, We Are All One Foundation, WAOF, Wednesday, called on President Muhammadu Buhari, to listen and dialogue with secession agitators as citizens with frustration.

Speaking on the heated polity in the country with Vanguard, Founder and President, WAOF, Musa Abdullahi Gokaru, said as an organisation established with vision and mission to cement together all tribes and ethnic groups across the 774 Local Government Areas and 36 States of the Federation and the Federal Capital Territory, FCT, through love peace and unity deemed it fit to reach out to the government and agitators to have a roundtable heart-to-heart talk on issues affecting them instead of criminalising them because they are citizens who need to be heard.

 Gokaru said: “The government under Buhari should approach these agitators instead of seeing them as enemies; bring them on the table and sit with them and ask them what is their problem and expectations.

“For instance, Mr President is not the problem of Nigeria but can be the solution of Nigeria by using his power as Commander-In-Chief to reach out to this people, and he should not see them as criminals but as patriots and Nigerians who are not happy with what is happening but the way they feel is to secede but Mr President is to reach out to them and feel their pulse.

“This will let them have a voice to say their pains, which the President will see how to address those issues instead to approach them violently with military force which will result to monumental lose of lives and property that would further aggravate the problem, but let Mr President act as father to them and let them know what they should do.

“Mr President supposed to have an open heart and sincerity to listen, sit and see how to solve these problems by reaching out to these people peacefully.”

He also condemned those advisers giving the President wrong advises, and pointed out that, “The dignity of any leader is his advisers as well as any success of government. The advisers are to have a rethink by telling the President to use the language of ‘we will treat them in the language they understand or act by crushing these agitators’, these advisers should understand that the action of the President is not going to be outside Nigeria but the problem will not reduce but will keep increasing.

 “Despite the pressure as a President you should accept all odds, and have that heart of tolerance and forgiveness and see them (secessionist agitators) as your children and Nigerian citizens who are not happy, and they have right not to be happy and right not to be happy, and if they are not happy as President if he discovers they are not happy is not to go and use force even they do what is painful it is wrong for you to use force on them.

“The President should have other strategies to use in addressing them and not by sending this signal of crushing them or speak in the language they understand which is violence because violence cannot solve our problem rather is peace and reconciliation.”

However, he stated that there is no need for any breakup of the country by any section of the country, which he asserted that, “Groups calling and agitating for secession should go back to history and know what actually brought us together as a country. We did not fight war to come together rather we had understanding from our founding fathers.

“So if there is a disagreement it is on the table we can sit down and discuss the way forward and what kind of country do we need to have in future. A country is not built by spirits but by human beings who Nigerians.

“It is important I mention this that what secessionists are asking for is not necessary because when we are united we are stronger, and in Africa and world they know that Nigeria is a force to reckon with.

“If Nigeria is to be divided into three countries our political and economic powers will be reduce. So those secessionists should know that to divide this country is not the solution to their needs but the answer is for is to sit and talk with one voice as a people that we need to have a better Nigeria, and that is to have a sense of patriotism, and we have no other country than Nigeria, and Nigeria being one indivisible country is the best for all of us.”


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