June 16, 2021

Best way out of poverty in Nigeria – Archbishop Sam Zuga

Best way out of poverty in Nigeria – Archbishop Sam Zuga

Nigeria’s economic situation has continued to deteriorate with food inflation, heightened insecurity and stalled reforms slowing growth and increasing poverty.

With a population of nearly 200 million, Nigeria is rated the most populous country in all of Africa but while the economy of nation continues to expand, the amount of people living in poverty continues to grow along with it.

On this note, Dr. Archbishop Sam Zuga has provided ways to help every willing average Nigerian to fight poverty and earn a better living.

According to the cleric who was recently honored as the First Professor of Digital Economy in the world, the poverty in Nigeria and Africa is artificial and God has given him the ability to alleviate the citizens out of its shackles, ‘if possible, eradicate it, if the poor people are willing and obedient to the process,” he clearly stated.

Explaining further how he intends to see his mission and vision accomplished, Sam Zuga pledges to gift 100,000 Naira worth of ZUGACOIN to every willing Nigerian, to enable them to begin their journey into financial freedom.

He also promises to teach Nigerians how to grow the money through digital economy principles, “if they can obey and follow the process. By this singular act, insecurity will reduce drastically.”

He continues, “The first step is to register as a member of Samzuga Family before you will be qualified to enjoy the commonwealth of Samzuga Family.

Samzuga Foundation also known as Samzuga Family is an International Non-Governmental Organization with headquarters in Samzuga City, Gboko, Nigeria. The principal aim is to help members to achieve financial freedom and stability, reduce the gap between the rich and the poor, teaching them to leave together as a family, irrespective of race, color, religion, academic and Financial status. As one big family, we shall be helping each other to achieve our individual goals and cooperate goals. We believe that by taking collective responsibilities will enable us achieve faster.

With a minimum donation of two hundred Naira ( N 200) which is less than $ 1 (One dollar) or more can give you a primary membership registration, membership registration can be upgraded at any other level at any given time, depending on the interest of the member, as we have other membership registration packages based on request.

Members can have access to many benefits including Free Medical Treatment, free solar and renewable energy training, scholarships, affordable housing and mobility schemes.

We believe that there is nothing small that cannot be great, nothing great that cannot be greater, nothing greater that cannot be greatest.

We can teach our members how to move their financial status of 1000 to 5,000. 10,000 to 100,000. 100,000 to 1,000,000 etc

People who register could use their referral link to register people under them. Every 10 people you register under you, there is a handsome reward for you. You can register as many people as you can, knowing very well that every 10 people you register, you must be rewarded. Someone who succeed in having the highest number of people who registered through him or her in any Community, State or country becomes an automatic leader of such Community with a handsome reward that can make the person never to be poor for life.

The Bible says you should believe in the lord your God, you shall be established. Believe also His prophet, you will prosper. Believe in me and follow the process, let us see a wheelbarrow pusher become a car owner and a Millionaire become a Billionaires in a shortest possible time.

This registration is open from 12th June to 2nd July 2021. Let us join hands to make Nigeria a great, peaceful and poverty free country. I can do my part, you can do your part. Leaving everything in the hands of one person in the capacity of the President and sitting back to complain how the President is doing it wrongly will not help us. We have been changing Government, killing leaders through coup, overthrowing Government, Organizing protests, embarking on strike actions, cursing people in Authority while even standing on religious altars but we are still here. Let us try doing it together also, maybe we can get out of here.”

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Download Samzuga wallet 2021 version on Google play store to create your wallet address. You shall be contacted after a successful registration for more informations.