Activists are known for writing history, changing the narratives of fear, which could impact the ability to fight inequalities.

Soldiers fighting in a war zone have got only two bitter options, It’s either they come back alive or die on the battlefield.

When you are fighting on principle, and against inequalities, it seems like a war zone.

Many people will be against you, mainly with the mentality to destroy and never for good.

Many people would be against you as an activist, making you fear fighting until the end; this could come with many allegations, threats, and many others.

After he was poisoned and came to Nigeria for treatment

When you can successfully defeat their dubious act, they would be ready to attack again, this time in a different way, worse than the one you had just defeated.

In Mr. Adebola Oplaye’s case, he was born into a family of Educationalists, so he could quickly seek advice at the highest level at any time.

Adebola Opaleye, popularly known as dakingsman, is known for silently fighting inequalities and human rights abuses.

Not much is known about him until different challenges faced him, revealing his identity to the media.

According to Dakingsman, as he is famously known to the media, he first noticed being overly surveilled in 2018 after challenging an organization for discriminating against him in a way to destroy his professional career.

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He challenged this incident at the highest level and almost took the organization to court before settling the case out of court based on the organization’s reputation.

The organization that committed the atrocity realized what they had done and decided it was time to silence him permanently for them to move on as they couldn’t trust a journalist not to write about the atrocity that befell him.

Adebola looking healthier after receiving treatments in Nigeria

Talking about the incident, Mr. Opaleye said he was promised a birthday gift by the organization that committed the atrocity in 2018, but what he was given was organized discrimination, meant to destroy his professional career.

As a learned individual, Mr. Opaleye fought this at the highest level and was able to settle the case out of court with a little over two thousand pounds.

The money he said was due to him not working during the period of his being discriminated against.

Immediately after he settled the case with the organization, he and the organization signed a legally binding agreement that they wouldn’t say anything negative about each other, which Mr. Opaleye complied with.

But to Mr. Opaleye’s surprise, his neighbors were the ones that started moving out first without any advertisement.

A famous businessman whose business name was after a renowned shopping center in Dundee and who use to live just beside Mr. Opaleye’s house was told to move out for security purposes, and this letter was sent to him by the government.

Many others were told the same thing and were forced to move out questionably.

This kind of incident happens typically when an individual is under surveillance, according to Late Barrister Taofeeq Olayinka Opaleye, in which he made the move of a company being set up immediately outside the United Kingdom.

According to the learned lawyer, the incident is similar to what would have happened to someone “gang stalked.”

Gang stalked or gang stalking is a name derived from people being overly surveilled with the hope of destroying every aspect of their lives.

In April 2021, Adebola Opaleye, a UK- based journalist and human rights activist, went back home almost unconscious after going out with guys with the hope of securing a business with them.

After almost dying of what Nigerian doctors said was a slow poison meant to render him incapacitated, the people he went out with started teasing him and calling him a “liar” all of a sudden.

Mr. Opaleye said it must be a way of a well-rehearsed excused, used by the perpetrators as a psychological way to discredit him from exposing these said people.

Opaleye left the UK to seek medical treatment after suffering from unexplained weight loss, burns, and direct and indirect threats in the months that followed.

Apart from Mr. Opaleye struggling to survive what had happened to him, these people continue teasing him with a threat to use the police authority in a show of power.

Who is Mr. Adebola Opaleye?

Mr. Opaleye is a famous blogger, human right activist, writer, and journalist that has created a niche for himself along the way.

As a prominent Journalist, Mr. Opaleye covered many stories, including reporting during the early times of Nigeria’s war against terrorism, and blogged for various media outlets across the globe.

For over 15 years, the father of two had blogged and acquired hundreds of thousands of followers, something he said he had to abandon as organized strange people were surveilling him.

Even the popular social media, Facebook, Instagram, and popular hosting “GoDaddy,” in which Mr. Opaleye registered one of his blogs, started behaving funny towards him.

Mr. Opaleye said he had to take the police of Scotland to the UK human rights court last year, the “Investigatory Power Tribunal,” after everything he was doing was being surveilled.

Meanwhile, the court got back to him and said they wouldn’t investigate what was happening as Mr. Opaleye didn’t mention why the surveillance was being done to him, something he said didn’t sound right from a human rights court.

 Mr. Opaleye said he had to stop working in the UK and go on self-employed, sourcing his work from other countries due to his private life being constantly under threat.

At the height of these atrocities, Mr. Opaleye said his online news media had been attacked so many times, something he said he had no power over.

Why Was He Under Surveillance?

Mr. Opaleye said he noticed he was being surveilled after he fell out with the organization that discriminated against him.

He also noticed his house being monitored by strange people in a black Peugeot, then strange people moving into homes around him without any adverts being put up.

These people, he said, were not randomers.

This kind of surveillance is usually done to see if the said suspect is doing anything illegal at the apartment he lives.

Despite years of Mr. Opaleye being under constant surveillance, his media outlets were affected heavily, and he started losing an audience as almost everything he posted was either flagged or removed without warnings, making him lose high potential income.

Mr. Opaleye said he had loosed almost three million pounds along the way due to him being under surveillance.

What did his family say?

For over two years, his family consistently believe nothing dodgy was happening, and if he were under surveillance, the government would eventually come to a conclusion and leave him alone until he was poisoned in April 2021.

After he was poisoned, Mr. Opaleye was examined by different doctors from different levels in which his mental and physical health was checked.

Going to the hospital, Mr. Opaleye said his convoy was led by Barrister Akinbode and that of the former commissioner of health Ogun State, Dr. Osifade.

Although nothing was found to have been wrong with his mental health, Mr, Opaleye’s physical health had deteriorated and, according to doctors, could have died within six months had it been he wasn’t in for a medical checkup.

While most wealthy Africans would travel to Europe, the UK, the US for medical checkups, Mr. Opaleye went to Nigeria to consult top medical experts.

The doctor said Mr. Opaleye was exposed to a high level of radiation for a brief period, which has damaged his cell badly.

He was on cell therapy to regenerate his damaged cell, which, according to the doctors, his recovery was like a miracle.

Before returning to his family in the UK, Mr. Opaleye had started feeling better after lots of therapy and medication.

Investigations are still ongoing to examine what happened, why it happened, and if it is still happening.

People in the community where Mr. Opaleye lives said these organized stalkers had approached them, and after they questioned what they were doing, they told Mr. Opaleye have a high IQ and needed to be monitored.

These are the type of excuses used to penetrate Mr. Opaleye’s privacy.

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