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Says I’m confident Nigeria will not break up

By Bashir Bello and Abdulmumin Murtala – Kano

Governor Abdullahi Umar Ganduje of Kano State has on Monday said he has no annointed candidate to succeed him in 2023.

This was as he said delegates would decide who will be his successor.

Ganduje stated this while fielding questions from newsmen during a media parley as part of activities to mark the Democracy Day in the state.

When asked what are the qualities he looks out for in his successor, Ganduje simply said, “it will be the delegates that will do that.”

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Similarly, when asked how would he handle issues of too many aspirants eyeing the seat, Ganduje said, “on the complexity of politics in Kano, so many aspirants for governorship, House of Representatives, Senate, how do I tackle it? Well looking at the antecedents of the Governor, his politics dexterity, he too is complicated complex in politics. So time will tell. The issue will be resolved democratically,” the Governor said.

Ganduje also said he is not tired neither is he retiring from active politics after his tenure as Governor by 2023.

“I don’t know whether he (Masari) is tired or not tired. You want me to tell you whether I will also retire as well? Well, I’m not tired but whether I will resign or not, time will tell. But you should know that I have been in politics since 1978. Even if I retire, I think my ears are on what is happening,” he said.

On agitations for the nation to break up, Ganduje said he is confident that the country will not break up.

“People who are urging for splitting the country, calling for secession, of course is democracy but I’m confident that Nigeria will continue to be one indivisible country.

“I don’t want to comment on those who are calling for the split because they are young people who did not experience the civil war and I am happy their elders are also making some comments. So Nigeria will continue to be one and there is confidence because just last week Ohaneze Ndigbo revealed a resolution that they are not behind Biafra project they are behind the unity of Nigeria. That is very encouraging and we are hearing it from an important regional association.

“Also the Arewa Consultative Forum, of course is behind one Nigeria and has not been advocating for the fragmentation of Nigeria. Afenifere also made a resolution that they are behind one Nigeria, they are not behind those who are calling for the split of the country. The same thing with the National Coalition of the Middle Belt People, they too say they believe in one Nigeria. So else will succeed in splitting the country?

“Infact, I made a call to these regional associations, since they all believe in one Nigeria let them come together and fashion out our diversity, identify our differences, identify our similarities and ensure that our diversity which is our source of problem and a challenge, they should convert challenge into an opportunity. It is possible.

“So these regional bodies should meet and find out how they can convert our differences into opportunities for the unity of this country. Some of us believe oir diversity is a blessing. Individual ethnic nationalities have some inherent trends that if properly hernessed willobe Nigeria forward.

“All that we require is that we should respect our differences and convert our challenges into opportunities.

As I have been saying, we are all creatures of God, we are all created by God. If God wants us all to be of one tribe, all of us will be of one tribe. Of God wants us to be of one religion, all of us will be of one religion. In fact if God wants us created as birds flying all over the place, all of us would have been flying all over the place. But God in His wisdom made us human beings and made some animals, made some insects, made some birds, made some plants, in order to have a complete equal system. So you can see the wisdom of God by creating us as different creatures.

“So we as Nigerians, our diversity is an advantage and we should convert our diversity to our source of strength. That is my dream about Nigeria,” Governor Ganduje however stated.

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