Zugacoin, the first Cryptocurrency in Africa, officially unveiled on the 1st of December 2020 has again tripled its value. Zugacoin which is aimed at rebuilding Africa’s dying economy by becoming Africa’s first coin in equity and investment funding for Africa’s government.

The coin founded by Dr Archbishop Sam Zuga had started selling in 2020 at $40,000 per currency, however presently at African Coin market, its estimated worth is valued at $392,000.
It has also been reliably gathered that at the speed rate of Zugacoin’s growth, it is projected to hit $1m by November, 2021 as it is independently structured to give value to Cryptocurrency in Africa, through its Coin tracker, “Africancoinmarketcap”.

The Founder of the first Africa’s Cryptocurrency Archbishop Sam Zuga who is also the first professor of Digital Economy in the world had foreseen and enlisted the growth of his online currency.

The cleric cum entrepreneur is a strong believer that ‘Success is basically the innermost fulfilment of secret wishes, which has nothing to do with the next person sitting beside you.’

Recalling his journey back to Nigeria from Dubai for the sole aim of creating a better Nigeria for the youths, Sam Zuga said, “I left Dubai with a secret wish of creating another NIGERIA inside Nigeria. Knowing fully well that I can’t achieve that with the Nigeria population, I decided to start by creating my own Community that will comprise only people who believe in me and are ready to do whatever I tell them. My target was only 10,000 people to achieve the change I wanted. This has been achieved because I have more than enough. The next thing was to have a currency that will be stronger than Naira. Today we have ZUGACOIN.”

He further stated,

“ZUGACOIN was targeted to affect only 1% of Nigeria population, be the most expensive and the most valuable Cryptocurrency in the world aimed at impacting only Africans. Today it is affiliated with United Nations and it is more expensive and valuable than any other Cryptocurrency in the world.

The next wish was to withdraw at least Naira to local bank accounts. Today, you can withdraw in dollars, Naira and other fiat currencies in the world.
Another secret wish was to achieve Scan To Pay. Today it has been achieved and working perfectly.
People are buying lands and cars with ZUGACOIN. People have been accepting ZUGACOIN in shops schools etc even before the official date for merchants.”

To know more about zugacoin, visit: Zugacoin official website, to buy ZUGACOIN, download “Samzuga wallet 2021” version on Google play store.


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