May 13, 2021

Shoot-At-Sight Order: Buhari jittery over impending Biafra Day lockdown — MASSOB


By Dennis Agbo

The Movement for the Actualization of the Sovereign State of Biafra, MASSOB, has said that the shoot-at-sight directive of President Muhammadu Buhari to the Nigerian army was a result of the President’s growing frustration on the impending lockdown of Nigeria cities on the May 30th Biafra Day celebration.

Describing the order as an exhibition of insensitivity and an act of cowardice, MASSOB noted that deployment of Hausa/Fulani Nigeria soldiers to carry out the President’s assignment in Biafra land will bring more disaster to the Nigeria state.

MASSOB leader, Uchenna Madu in a statement on Tuesday said that Buhari’s fantasy of defeating Biafra the second time after the 1967- 1970 civil war is wishful thinking.

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“MASSOB wants President Buhari to continue to make similar blindfolded mistakes which exposes his frustrations. Any king who thinks like Pharaoh of Egypt against the Jews will certainly experience the doom of Pharaoh. No man born of a woman can crush Biafra because God, history and humanity are on our side, Biafra revolution is indestructible,” Madu said

The MASSOB leader said he would rather advise President Buhari that deploying Nigeria military against Biafra to shoot-at-sight, arrest and detain non-violent freedom fighters agitating for self-rule would only worsen matters and underscore Nigeria as a repressive colonial state.

“President Muhamadu Buhari and his futuristic cabal are jittery because of the Biafra day anniversary celebration coming up on May 30th. The massive presence of Hausa Fulani soldiers deployed to Biafra land will never stop or frustrate the Biafra day anniversary celebration.

“Biafra agitating groups are not the problem, the Nigerian state as presently constituted is the problem. Biafra agitation is only a reaction to the many injustices, exclusion, second class citizenship, born to rule philosophy, marginalization and other forms of inequality that characterize the Nigerian state,” Madu said.

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