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Ukpo Improvement Union, North America (UIU, NA) supports Prince Engr. Arthur Eze’s meritorious petition to the National Judicial Council (NJC) against the Chief Judge of Anambra State, Hon. Onochie Anyachebelu in his quest to exhume and resurrect the Abba-Ukpo land case which has been decided by the Supreme Court. UIU (North America) further supports the President General Ukpo Improvement Union, Hon. Chuks Chukwuka in his petition to the Legal Practitioners’ Privileges Committee against gross violations of rules of professional conduct by Barrister Arthur Obi (SAN), on the same subject matter. Clearly, if the actions of the learned Chief Judge, Hon. Anyachebelu and Arthur Obi (SAN) are condoned, they will amount to a subversion of the decision of the Supreme Court, and unnecessary waste of resources in the court system.

UIU North America firmly states as follows:

1.    We support the above stated petitions unequivocally. The actions of the Hon. Chief Judge, and that of the Senior Advocate, in defiance of the decision of the Supreme Court are unwarranted and likely to lead to a breach of the peace in the communities concerned. No man ought to be vexed or harassed for one and the same issue on two occasions, never mind three occasions in this instance!!

2.   The Supreme Court in SC.589/2016 (Uyaemenam Nwora & 4 Ors vs Nweke Nwabueze & 2 Ors) held on 15th February 2019 that the land erstwhile in dispute is owned by Ukpo community. The decision of the apex court is the final judgement in respect of the matter, and no other court, much less a high court, has the power or jurisdiction to entertain the case again. So why has Arthur Obi (SAN) twice brought the same matter to the trial court; and why has the Chief Judge of Anambra ignored the doctrine of resjudicata and twice assigned it to Neni High Courts? The only plausible reason one can deduce is to inflict vexation and cause provocation to Ukpo community. But should the Chief Judge intentionally grant Abba the indulgence of causing a nuisance to Ukpo at the expense of the court’s time? Niki Tobi, JSC, opined: “it is elementary law that courts of law, like nature, do not act in vain but for a purpose and that the purpose must exist and be identifiable and identified’

3.    In the 22 years since then Chief Judge of Anambra State, Hon. Justice Obiora Nwazota of blessed memory delivered his substantive judgement on the case, his decision has remained stainless, immaculate against all forms of maliciousness and mendacity by Abba community. Abba has influenced judicial officers, stolen the judge’s record book and deployed trickery and deception, yet failed woefully at the Appeal and Supreme Courts. Niki Tobi, JSC, put it succinctly: “litigation is not a game of cleverness, smartness or tricks. It is not a hide and seek game where one of the parties in all cleverness and smartness takes ambush…” Provocateurs, meaning Abba community, must now be prevailed upon to respect the hallowed principle of res judicata and call it a day. It is trite and settled law that there must be an end to litigation. The case is done, finished!!

4.   Ukpo and Abba are not only neighbors, their relationships run deep as a result of intermarriages and proximity. There is much love between our two communities, but Ukpo land is Ukpo land, and will continue to be. The Supreme Court affirmed this in the most unmistakable terms. Either no one has been able to interpret the apex court’s decision to Abba community, or Abba hopes that by causing so much nuisance to Ukpo, it could somehow succeed in extorting lands that do not belong to it. But make no mistake, UIU North America will see to it that Abba recognizes the futility of their provocations.

5.    Ukpo will do all in its power to maintain peace with Abba, who are our neighbors, brothers, sisters, uncles, in-laws, parents and grandparents. But let nobody, repeat nobody, mistake Ukpo’s penchant for peace and peaceful co-existence for a weakness. Far from it, UIU North America and the entire Ukpo community are fiercely resolved that Abba will not be allowed to encroach on even an inch of Ukpo land!!!

Signed for and on behalf of UIU North America

Chief Elias Okoye (Ochendo Ukpo), President

Engr. Victor lbeka Ebelechukwu (Mmili Enwe llo n’Ukpo), Secretary

Dr S.O Adibe, MD (lchie Oranwezuaku n’Ukpo), Advisor

Prof. BCI Okpokwasili, D.Eng’g Sc. (lchie Onyeogadilinma n’Ukpo) Advisor

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