May 27, 2021

Perry Matlock, founder of Atlas Trading, controlling $7 million empire

Perry Matlock, founder of Atlas Trading, controlling $7 million empire

Matlock founded Atlas trading with the help of his few friends. On 1st of May 2020, he started an account with $30,000, and in 7 months, the account blew up beyond $7 million in profits. People only see the success but do not acknowledge the past failures which lead the path towards success. It was pure knowledge and determination which got PJ in his current situation.

There was a time when PJ thought of quitting his dream and going back to a normal stable life. He was constantly losing his hard-earned money and was exhausting his savings too. Everybody around him told him to quit but he could not ignore the fact that so many people were earning by trading. He did not give up. His wife and daughter were always on his mind and he knew he could not do anything reckless because that would harm them too indirectly.

Soon he stared learning tricks of the trade and his new formed company reached new highs. This is the reason PJ advises everyone to learn trading. It has many benefits which cannot be ignored. Patience is such a great attribute when things go wrong.

Even though there are many downfalls trading should be taken seriously. Lot of young population who have the calibre to reach highs are not able to do so because they are afraid to take risk. Matlock has created chat rooms where he discusses about trading and share his stocks pictures for free.

When asked about it, he says he wants to give back to society. He wants to build a community where everyone feels comfortable to learn trading. Anyone can join it and take the knowledge and turn it into their own version of success. He has defiantly learnt from his mistakes and does not want anyone else to make the same mistakes.

Hence, he makes it a point to share it with everyone. He added that he gets lots of messages from people he never met saying thank you for helping them, and that puts a broad smile on his face and makes his day. Even though he has so much influence and have crazy social media following, PJ does not think he is a celebrity.

You can connect with PJ through his social media handles where he shares his opinions and point of view. PJ has a strong following on social media networks. He has nearly 283.5 k on Twitter and has over 150k members in the company Atlas Trading:



Twitter: https://.com/pj twitter _matlock