May 9, 2021

Our society should accept other processes of childbirth ― Joseph Benjamin

By Ayo Onikoyi,

Popular Nollywood actor, Joseph Benbjanmin questions the conventional way of having children, making a case for alternative means. He brings his A game in the new series “Baby Drama” which explores childlessness in marriage in the African setting.

How will Baby Drama enlighten Nigerians on family pressures surrounding childbirth?

There is a need for constant education and sensitization on some of these very sensitive topics. Over time it almost became a stigma if you were childless/barren. Our society is yet to accept that there are other ways to become a parent other than the conventional process of childbirth. Baby Drama will take you through the pressure and trauma that the average woman faces because of childlessness.

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Some of these pressures are self-imposed because you bend to the whims of popular opinions or peer pressure. A popular opinion could be categorized under family pressure. Patterns like these see women give in to all manner of things all in the bid to have a child. Family plays a major role in helping our women. If they get support in these situations, it helps them balance the equation and not be swayed by the desire to please other people.

It is a two-way street, but the woman is always to blame. What about the man? he also has a part to play in making it work. Overall, I believe Baby Drama will help in both highlighting these issues and educating people about how to handle them.

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Tell us one interesting thing about your character and what viewers should look forward to?

Well, my character has been defined. He is the average Nigerian husband in terms of personality. I would say the focus should be on my interpretation of his character. What I will bring to the table, seeing that I’ve been out of the Nigerian creative space for a minute. This role/character will see me bring back my craft into the homes of my esteemed fans and viewers. I am excited to reconnect with the people.

How well is Africa Magic telling authentic Nigerian and African stories?

Over the years, they have maintained a standard. They have remained true to their cause which is to celebrate our culture, our worth and uniqueness. Africa Magic has done this through its interpretation of authentic African content. I look forward to them creating more Pan-African content.

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