May 23, 2021

Ordeal of kidnapped, raped girl in 15 years captivity captured in “Elina”

By Ayo Onikoyi

A new Nollywood movie titled “Elina” premiered on Sunday, May 16, 2021 and which hit the cinemas from May 21, 2021 has given a new dimension to the harrowing experience of kidnapping and rape which is presently plaguing the country.

In the film an eleven year-old girl called Elina was kidnapped, kept away from her parents for 15 years while being repeatedly raped in captivity.

Elina’s mum had taken her to an eatery, but as she’s about driving out, she realised that her phone has been left behind. She rushed back to the eatery, leaving young Elina in the car with the engine still running. At this point, a man emerged from nowhere, got in the car and drove away with a fear-stricken Elina. Could it be a case of robbery or kidnapping?

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For 15 years, Elina remained missing. In fact, her parents hadl given up on her, thinking she’s dead. However, fate smiled on now grown-up Elina, as she finally reunited with her family. But this was after recording some deaths in her name and ultimately serving prison sentence.

Shot with high-definition camera, which reflects in its picture quality, Elina is directed by Ambrose Tobias Udeh having being produced by Editha Chiewuzie with Michael Austin as executive producer. The lead cast of the movie includes, Eucharia Anunobi, Kalu Ikeagwu, Jibola Dabo, Winner Edward, Felix Omokhodion.

On the inspiration behind the movie, Editha Chiewuzie says Elina was borne out of her desire to unravel the little mistakes parents make that cause them lifetime pains. “Many times, I come across parents, especially mothers being so careless with their children. You see some women instead of holding their children’s hands while crossing a major road; they allow them to cross alone. You see a mother carelessly leaving her child in the custody of neighbours, friends or even someone she hardly knows.

Some even leave their child or children inside the car, locked or unlocked, to go get something. In some cases, the child suffocates or taken away with the car. I want to plead with parents to always be careful with their children. The world we live in is evil and you can’t even trust your next-door neighbour. This is the story of Elina,” she states.

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Speaking about his experience on the movie set, Jibola Dabo, who plays Elina’s father, described it as exciting and wonderful. “I have a wonderful and exciting experience on the set of Elina. I enjoyed working with Editha, the producer. She’s a wonderful lady.”

To Kalu Ikeagwu, Elina is a must watch for everyone, most especially, families. “The movie is more about carelessness, leaving children vulnerable and its effect. So, there is a lesson for everyone in the film. Mothers especially have a lot to learn in the movie,” he volunteered.

On his part, Felix Ugo, who acts the kidnapper, says Elina is a beautiful story that everyone would love to see. “The movie focuses on the psychological damages that kidnapped and abused kids go through.

It is educating, entertaining and there are lots of lessons to learn. It is a must watch for everyone.”

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