May 16, 2021

Nigerians descend on ex-Liberian president Sirleaf over comment on NPA probe

Nigerians descend on ex-Liberian president Sirleaf over comment on NPA probe

Nigerians on micro-blogging site, Twitter, have descended on the former president of Liberia, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf over “disheartened” comment on the suspension of Hadiza Bala Usman as the Managing Director (MD) of the Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA).

Recall that President Muhammadu Buhari had approved the suspension of Bala Usman on the fifth of May, 2021 over allegations of failing to remit the operating surplus of NPA to the consolidated revenue fund (CFR) as well as over contracts awarded when she became director – allegations she denied.

However, the Minister of Transportation, Rotimi Amaechi, who, as directed by President Buhari, inaugurated an 11-member investigative panel to probe the NPA over the allegations.

Although the probe is ongoing, Madam Sirleaf, who on her twitter handle, @MaEllenSirleaf, said, “I am disheartened to hear about the suspension of Nigerian Ports Authority MD @hadizabalausman, who I have known to be an accomplished leader and dedicated public servant. I urge adherence to the rule of law and fair and equal treatment as the situation evolves.”

Meanwhile, miffed by the ex-Liberian president’s comments, some Nigerians took to the social media to take the ex-president to the cleaners, arguing that it was not ideal for Sirleaf to make comments on a probe whose outcome is yet to be ascertained.

Below is some of their tweets:

@nwaegbe_nkem wrote: “Hello Ma. I am trying to understand this your tweet honestly. From Liberia to NPA MD? Hmmm.”

@Ubuluman said, “We’re fighting corruption and nepotism in Nigeria…..when we are done, we shall inform you. The problem is systemic…no sacred cows! 😒🚶🏿‍♂️🚶🏿‍♂️

@eaglestrength2t opined saying, “Please stop patronising or being judgemental. The most logical and reasonable thing to do now is to allow the investigative panel to finish it’s assignment and cone out with findings and recommendations in line with extant rules.”

@danleety wrote, “You never care to wait for the outcome of the panel , what if she’s corrupt , and you are still backing her without indepth knowledge……”

@jacksonpbn wrote: “Please respect yourself and mind your business. Don’t let us drag you on this lane and expose how you used your sons to loot.”

@busybros4life said, “She didn’t criticize the suspension. And she also said justice should be done. Please read her chat again.”

@UGOsaintcristo wrote, “You should be disheartened by the incessant killing of Nigerians by Boko Haram, Bandits, Kidnappers, & herdsmen, not by the sacking of MD of the Nigerian Ports Authority.”

@Hon_oluwatosin said, “Is Liberia corruption free? If yes, you can speak as a patriotic for her. Meanwhile, there’s nothing wrong in changing her, the ministry isn’t her heritage but public office. Thank you for your concern.”

@TAIWOISAACABIOD wrote, “Face your country problems and challenges and leave Nigeria to address their challenges in their own way/s.
What was your contribution to the development of Liberia for the tenure of your office as a woman?”

@jeki4tala noted, “I am surprised at this tweet from a former president of Liberia, Nigerian officials who found their way in positions if authority under this administration of @MBuhari have looted n looted the treasury. It would have been better for you to keep mute and await d outcome of invtn.”

@akingbadegroup said, “Disheartening about suspension of NPA Boss not about the incessant killing in Nigeria and kidnapping of girls school child, if at all you want to sympathize with Nigeria in anyway, misplacement of priority.”

@AGN4REAL summed up saying, “She only stood by genda & elite class bcus even the female genda were victims of kidnapping, rape & other form of disadvantages which never warrant some solidarity from her Excellency.”

@Coastalregn said, “you sounded like you’d loose a lot if she’s no longer in service. let me further shock u;
in Nigeria there are over 200milion qualified beings on the queue waiting to execute such job. if noting is found on her she continues.
since when are you Nigeria colonial master if I may ask?”

@AbuDanasabe added, “Referring to her as an accomplished leader and dedicated public servant automatically disqualifies you to be a juror in this case. Urging for adherence to the rule of law and fair and equal treatment as the situation evolves is casting doubt on the process. I may be wrong.”

@MosesUneh said, “1/2
You have the audacity to question the suspension of a Nigerian public official but have not questioned the maltreatment of port workers by the APM Terminal in Liberia.”

@omotee035 said, “But I find it difficult to understand ur headache with hadiza suspension madam ex-president , did U appoint her to d post in d first place, Diplomacy demands U shld respect boundaries and sovereignity even with your emotions & utterances No need cry more than d bereaved.”

@TorToridb wrote, “Many of us are disheartened Madam, but we believe d righteous will be justified. I am persuaded @hadizabalausman is no thief. A lady of her convictions can’t be so easily corrupted. We expect d process of investigation to be fair and just and if found guilty, so be it.”

@AbuDanasabe said, “Keep your recommendations until she’s recommended for an ECOWAS, AU or UN appointment. This is Nigeria not Liberia.”