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Western Europe is made up of two tribes – Germanic and Latin, (or 3 if you count Greek), but split into 25 countries. What Nigerian Separatists use as examples of langauges separated into nations if applied to Yoruba or Igbo lands will result in them breaking up to 4 or more nations. Yes, Nigerias current state is unjust and unbearable, but there are ways to move forward by going back to our citystate civilizational mode in a modern format of a loose continent wide confederacy of self determined ethnicities – a model that guarantees justice and peace for all.

The cries for Justice is not limited to Nigeria alone but throughout the world, including USA and UK, people are clamoring for more Just systems in what is essentially the Axial Age before the 2000yr civilizational change and change in global consciousness. 2000 years ago, the Roman Republic broke up in 23AD and reunited in 27AD as the Roman Empire to start a new era global White supremacy in what is known as the Age of Pisces/Olokun, one of religious and political dogma that promote selective Justice. Presently, we are undergoing the same mental conditioning by the Universe to raise our global consciousness to that of Justice, the Age of Justice/Shango, through which the Black Race will rise to achieve racial global parity.

The question is whether we have to go to war and breakup to reunite to secure a Just civilizational change to our favor like the Romans, or do we apply ancient wisdom. Europeans rose in the Age of Ogun so are more prone to achieve collective objectives, while the Black Race rose at least 8,000yrs earlier in the Age of Orumila/Leo signified by wisdom and creativity.

However, the miseducation and cultural disorientation of the Black Race can prevent it from raising a higher global consciousness. It is ironic because the previous two civilizational Axial Ages were based on Original African values. The Axial Age leading up to the Iron Age (2000BC to 1AD) was initiated by Black Africans developing metallurgy, iron smelting for iron tools, but adopted as weapons by Whites in what is known as the Biblical Apocalyptic First Horseman, with bows and arrows used to overwhelm the Black civilizations in Asia and North Africa. The next Axial Age leading up to the outgoing Age of Olokun/Pisces was also the conversion of Black Ancestral Worship and African spiritual sciences into Greco-Roman philosophical foundations and Abrahamic religions. Now the current Axial Age leading to the next level of global consciousness, the Age of Justice, was also initiated and fought for by Africans enslaved in the Americas, where it became imperative to draw up a constitution spelling out rights and limitations.

Just as religions of the last 2000 years, especially Abrahamic Judeo-Christian-Islamic, misrepresent the first global religion, Ifa-Afa-Iha-Eha-Fa, so has the true yearnings for Justice by Blacks being misrepresented in constitutions. This is why at the cusp of Ages we have African Americans challenging the US constitution that initially regarded them as three fifths of a human, and still treating them as such, as we have Nigerians call for restructuring of the constitution or totally torn up to breakup the nation.

The world is based on huge trade blocs like USA and China that enables them produce at the lowest cost per unit and with a huge internal market. Nigeria, the largest conglomeration of Black people, is the hope of the Black Race, like USA is to White people and China to Asians. It comprises of the two largest Original African groups, Yoruba and Igbos, and the largest Afroasiatic groups, Hausa-Fulani, which has the advantage of enabling the two largest Original African groups uniting the most Original African groups, to challenge unjust exploitative Afroasiatic civilizations. Unfortunately, the miseducation and civilizational illiteracy of Original Africans prevents them from having a collective vision not based on Abrahamic civilizations. They clamor for their own nationstates conceptualized by Europeans or Caliphates conceptualized by Arabs, without realizing that these concepts are territorial imperialism in nature focusing on exploitation of land, as opposed to the Original African civilization based on cultural linkages. You can cut land into territories according to resources but it is near impossible cutting the continuum of dialects into perfect territories, which is why Africa was cut into territories that had and still doesn’t have regard for the people. Africa still remains the land to exploit human and natural resources, not to make the environment work for the people.

Therefore Yoruba and Igbo separatist clamoring for Europe styled nationstates would be destroying the very fabric of their ethnicity being protected from Afroasiatic and European cultural imperialism. It is easier understood that copying the European Ogun, Ajagunbade mode, will result in further balkanization, and not unity of their people. Infact some will argue that there was never a Yoruba nor Igbo identity, and they are creation of our colonizers to promote divisive Pan-Tribalism and blind us to our civilizational power.

Just like in Nigeria, the universe conspired to make the minority groups to be resource rich, so there would be a problem in Odua when Ondo/Ekiti states that form one third of the population but two thirds of the natural resources, and demand for more representation or their own nationstate where they can enjoy 100% of their resources. Yoruba is essentially Oyo Empire dialect made popular across the so called Yorubaland by the British. Politically in the past, Yorubas were divided between Oyo and Edo empires. The last attempt by Oyo Empire to unite both Yoruba groups lead to the longest Civil War in Yorubas history.

A similar situation will arise with Nri Igbos of Anambra/Enugu, the Igbo Deltans that were under Edo empire, and the Southern Igbos of Arochukwu. Unless the areas with the largest population also has the largest resources will the minorities not attempt to self rule. The proposal that Ibadan will be capital and Alaafin will be the paramount cultural custodian, will define not be acceptable to Ondo and Ekiti states that would prefer Ife and Ooni. While Alaafin gained prominence through territorial wars which adversely affected Ekiti Parapo, Ooni is seen as their Orisun, their source. Ife and Ekiti are the source of most Yoruba Orishas and culture, so to contemplate Ibadan, a refugee camp caused by Yoruba defeat by Fulani, is not only cultural distasteful but spiritually incorrect. We also have the oil rich seaside of Ugbo also vying for Yoruba supremacy, and could very well challenge for cultural supremacy, democratic and economic representation or outright separatism.

The implications of these cultural fractures is that we will fight resource allocation wars for the next hundred until we breakdown to citystates, by which time we would be overwhelmed by external civilization predators that would prevent us from creating a strong continentwide confederacy of self determined ethnicities.

This is why instead of using Ogun, we should use Osun as our common origins and Shango as our common aspirations. Unfortunately, our people are follow follow like Fela sang and they can only think within European parameters. The only ray of hope is that majority of our populations are young and could be mentally and culturally reclaimed to understand their civilizational united power to restructuring to the lowest unit to bring justice to every group, no matter how small, unlike the plus 50s neocolonialist Vanguards stuck in their Pan Tribalistic Eurocentrism. The However, if we fail to properly educated the youth, then we will break up, go to war, lose millions of lives, before finally seeing things from a uniting civilizational perspective.


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