One of Nigeria’s notable social media influencers, Ipadeola Abiodun Oriyomi, the CEO of Swag Omoluabi blog, has recalled his journey to become Self – Made.

Swag Omoluabi as he is fondly called in this interview, narrates how his mother inspired him to become an entrepreneur which has helped him achieve most of his desired dreams.

Many youths complain of lack of job opportunities. Yet you graduated and went to become a serial entrepreneur. Share with us some of the wisdom you picked up along the way about self-sustainability and entrepreneurship?
I have always loved to be an entrepreneur right from when I was a child. My mum always tell me, ‘Son no matter the education you have, no matter the degree, always make sure you also become self entrepreneur, because that’s the only way you can become your own boss.’

What motivated you and set you off on the path of entrepreneurship?
My mother and the environment I grew up in motivated. I grow up in called Ghetto Badia. We have lot of hustling mothers and fathers that work very hard and smart, those parents motivated me.

What were the initial hurdles and challenges you encountered on your way to becoming an entrepreneur? How did you overcome them?
There are lot of challenges but the main challenges is capital. It wasn’t easy but I had to try my best to save with the money I made from one of the companies I worked with few years ago (business contracting limited).

What is your philosophy as a business person?
What have you gained today? Make sure you gain something everyday to add to your knowledge, do research and learn more.

You are referred to as a brand influencer. What exactly does that mean?
As an entrepreneur and also a brand influencer, I influence companies brands, more like brand ambassador.

A lot of people on social media bear the brand influencer tag and its is becoming fashionable for any one to claim that tag. What are the responsibilities attached to being a brand influencer?
Being a brand influencer has a lot of steps attached to it, everyone can’t be a brand influencer. It is totally wrong .
The responsibilities to become an influencer are 1. Make sure you are trustworthy and a notable person. 2. Let brands know you are open to collaboration. 3. Be regular and consistent and optimize your social media presence.

What has been your worst and best experience as a brand influencer?
No worst experience. Best experience is when I got an endorsement from one of the best cryptocurrency companies in Nigeria.

What advice do you have for those who are not yet social media savvy about the brand influencer phenomenon?
Just be consistent, be real, be a social media lover and don’t fake it.

What is the underlying principle of your philanthropy?
I love giving. No matter how small it is, I give out because all fingers are not equal and we all need to sustain.

Tell us the scope and nature of your philanthropy?
I just love giving right from time. I feed the people in the streets as well as homeless people. They are part of us. There story may not just be the same with us, what we can do is to support them in every little way we can.

How has 2020 impacted on your business? What are the gains, the losses, the learning curves?
2020 is a little bit tough due to COVID-19. There was no gains no losses for me but just a dull moment that affected a lot of companies that I was branding.

With the benefit of hindsight, what are the mistakes you made as a young man fresh out of the university seeking his place in the world, which you would not want those about to graduate to make?
I do not start saving on time. Saving is very important immediately you get admission to the institution. You need save a lot for raining days.

How do you get funds to actualize your philanthropic side?
Like I said earlier, I had to save, that was when I was working with one of the construction company in Lagos known as BCL.

How do you see Nigerians in regards to giving and assisting the less privileged?
We are really trying. People supporting each other. Thats the Nigeria we want regardless the current economy, we are still supporting each other.

The country is going through tough times, what do you advice an average Nigerian that wants to relocate abroad?
It will be fine one day, if we all leave the country then who will now amend when everyone already leaves.

Would you say your background prepared you to the path of career you chose?
My background only make me strong to be a fighter in any business I do and learn not to give up no matter the condition.

Who is your Celebrity role model and why?
Wizkid , love the calmness of him and talent. He observes a lot.

How do you find time to relax?
I go on holidays to relax.

Tell us more about yourself and your soft side?
I am Ipadeola Abiodun Oriyomi. I am 26 years old and a graduate of Lagos state polytechnic. I am a social media lover and an introvert. The only male in my family from my mother side. I like good food too.

What are your educational qualification?
Higher National Diploma in accounting.

Any plans for marriage any time soon?
Yes, I maybe getting married next year.

What are you looking out for in a woman with plan for a serious relationship.
I love a beautiful woman and a woman that have a career spirit like me.

Do you see yourself getting married to a celebrity?

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