By Ayo Onikoyi,

Anee Icha who plays Iye Adeyemi in the series “Baby Drama” is a carefree, tough woman who nurses a past and desperate about her present. She speaks on outside influences on the sacred institution of marriage.

Tell us about your character Iye Adeyemi; what should your fans expect?

Well, Iye Adeyemi is the type of woman most people would classify as a Margaret Thatcher, no-nonsense, iron lady sort. I find that is mostly the way Type A, career-oriented, upwardly mobile women are branded ( erroneously so, in my opinion).

Iye is an intelligent, talented financial analyst, and when we meet her in our story, she is at the top of her game; but that’s only Iye on the surface. However, when you delve deeper into her person, we find that for all Iye’s brusqueness and seeming disregard for her husband and sisters feelings, she’s frightened of her past trauma. She is also scared of letting any semblance of that past ruin the carefully crafted life she has made by throwing her whole self into her career. She’s not willing to face it, and that may cost her sorely.

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Viewers should expect to be irritated by her choices. Let’s face it, this is Nigeria and we still are very much a patriarchal society. They should expect to see a different side of Anee; a more serious side. (most people are accustomed to the comic, lighthearted, playful side of my acting range) and I’m excited for them to experience me in other ways.

What advice will you offer newlyweds facing societal pressures to have children early?

Tell everyone to drink water and mind their business. More harm than good comes from romantic relationships not being allowed their privacy and autonomy. People should leave couples alone and let them figure out the dynamics of their relationship themselves. There is no one size fits all approach or a guide that as all the steps for what exactly a relationship should be. I think you get my point. A relationship between 2 people should be exactly that; between the – two people in the relationship. Shikena.

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How will you say Africa Magic is changing the Nigerian TV and movie narrative with the addition of this new series?

I’d say Africa Magic is changing the Nigerian TV movie narrative by telling stories that are daring and necessary, and Baby Drama is unreservedly both. Entertainment is good; without it, I don’t think the human race would have lasted this long. However, we must use this medium that has unfettered access to the human psyche to educate and enlighten people.

At the very least, it is our job to strike up critical conversations around topics that people struggle with in reality but can’t find representation for in the programming presented to them. I’m glad that we are coming to a time in television and entertainment where we’re bold enough to push the envelope, to tell those “taboo” stories, to represent real life as it is; dysfunction and all. That’s a very good place for us in the industry to be in.

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