By Ayo Onikoyi

Nollywood actor Okey Uzoeshi talks about marriage and its challenges, in view of his role in Baby Drama.

How would you describe your character Seye Adeyemi?

Seye is a well-to-do, young professional, happily married to a very modern woman. He is easygoing and has the same aspirations as the average ambitious young man. He believes he is a good husband to his wife. He loves her and wants her happiness. But some of her choices leave him wondering about the personal cost of her happiness, and his importance to her.

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What advice can you give a man who is ready to have children when his wife is not ready to have kids?

Three words: “work it out”

I know that when emotions are involved things are not so cut and dry, but I can only offer what I think is a simple solution. Marriage, they say, is a partnership. And the word partnership does not exist in a vacuum. There is also no partnership without compromise, and compromise doesn’t happen without communication. Not to belabour the point, compromise and communicate. And for the love of God, don’t go into the conversation expecting to have your way.

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