Money is often confused with being the measure of wealth. While not always true, money can be instrumental to success because once people attain wealth, it is easier to pay bills. Furthermore, they will no longer have to go into debt to afford their lifestyle.

Of course, personal growth requires discipline—eventually, the results that you get from your efforts, day by day, month by month, and year by year, will make you even better than before. One person who knows this well is Madison Dalmaso, a mentor to female entrepreneurs and a strong ambassador of coaching people to success.

Thanks to her own phenomenal success, Dalmaso will feature on the streaming series “The Social Movement.” Considering she has helped countless others find their own success, Dalmaso was invited to participate on this innovative show that gives entrepreneurs a few days to take on serious social issues . Elated to be a part of this project, Dalmaso is looking forward to taking her passion for empowering others to a new level.

Dalmaso says, “To get to the better version of yourself, you will need to unlock your hidden abilities, skills, and ideas. Any ideas need to be visualized, acted upon, and put into work. Otherwise, they will just linger on as fantasies. Time is the only matter of life over which we have no control. However, how we use our time matters, and doing so will put you in a position to help you figure out what really distracts you from hitting your goals.”

Dalmaso strongly suggests that doing and becoming who you want to be is possible. Let’s face it—it’s no secret that distractions have caused a lot of great minds to hide from bringing their dream businesses into reality. Dalmaso says that personal growth starts by mastering the art of being confident in all that you do. Once you are confident, approaching your market or investors will not be so challenging. Only you can determine the measure of your worth, and once you are brave, you are more likely to attract serious investors and clients.

Ultimately, there are many steps in the process, from how you start your business to the measures you put into place—and bit by bit, this span of time becomes your journey. Taking the first step, says Madison Dalmaso, is the start of that journey to growth and success.

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