Erosion has washed away large portions of lands in Eastern Nigeria, but the people who lost their lands and property have never armed themselves with military-grade weapons to dispossess others of their ancestral lands.

Evidently, climate change as the root cause of insecurity in Nigeria bears the hues of a narrative spun by the sponsors and perpetrators of the killings to divert attention from their evil agenda.

The US and UK are the foremost traditional/strategic partners of Nigeria. They have very robust missions in Nigeria with robust intelligence capacity to discern what is going on here. Even from Washington and London, one can easily monitor media reports and be reasonably informed about the root causes of Nigeria’s current insecurity.

They should look beyond the obvious argument of climate change and also examine the implications of having jihadist sympathisers in our government. They should ponder why foreigners of a certain ethnic stock have been given free entry into the country. How do they find it easy to procure assault armaments and incubate terror cells in the forests without challenge by our security agencies which are also under their sectional control?

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We again concede that the gradual retreat of Lake Chad has led to large scale displacements of native populations. We are strong supporters of all efforts to recharge the Lake Chad, eliminate terrorism there and give the people of the area another chance to live normal lives. The US and UK should take the lead in efforts to resuscitate the Lake Chad and halt the Sahara Desert encroachment for the sake of the Earth and mankind at large.

But we also believe that poor governance, impunity, corrupt elite and negative attitude to religion combined to create the Islamic insurgency in the area. The conflicts in Nigeria are mostly man-made due to our traditional ethnic fault lines, the indigene-settler factor and the centralised security structure which has proved incapable of securing the people.

Also, the insecurity caused by the so-called bandits and armed herdsmen are primarily for ethnic and religious expansionism at the expense of law-abiding indigenous populations. If a disease is  wrongly diagnosed, the patient risks being sent to his early grave.

We urge the United States, the UK and the international community to ignore official rhetoric and conduct independent surveys on the factors driving Nigeria’s current insecurity. Otherwise, they may find themselves in alliance with the insurgent warmongers who are keen on forcing their belief on unwilling people and rendering indigenous populations refugees and slaves in their native homelands.

Nigerians are their brothers’ keepers. We accommodate one another, even though we live in hatred of one another. Our international friends must never side with the warmongers.





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