May 30, 2021

How Nairabox is spearheading digitization of cinema culture in Nigeria

Currently, the Nigerian movie industry is the 3rd largest film producer in the world, contributing about 2.39% to the nation’s GDP as of 2016, and generating about $600 million annually as of 2020.

This peculiar growth in the entertainment industry has positioned it to serve as the second-largest employer within a country of relatively young individuals with a fast-rising urbanization rate of 51.16%.

The growth in the movie and entertainment industry has also brought forth a need for the digitization of the cinema-going experience for the lifestyle and entertainment lovers all over the country, which Nairabox, Nigeria’s leading lifestyle app owned by Jorg Technologies, has been able to pioneer.

Founded in 2015 Nairabox is disrupting the lifestyle and entertainment market in Nigeria with their new app relaunched in April 2021 that allows users to enjoy a wealth of experience with easy access to cinema subscription tickets, movie tickets, food orders from tasty restaurants, and many more offerings to come.

At the forefront of their disruption in the lifestyle, space is the introduction of the new cinema subscription service that allows Nairabox app users the option to get access to 4 cinema tickets for N2,000 and 12 cinema tickets for N6,000 monthly to watch any movie at the cinema.

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This unprecedented breakthrough in the cinema-going culture in the country hasn’t been offered by any lifestyle app before and allows Nigerians who are very keen on entertainment and relaxation the opportunity to enjoy themselves at the cinema for less than they normally would.

Nairabox is known for enhancing lifestyle culture and entertainment in Nigeria since its existence and they have continued to deliver unparalleled opportunities and experiences for the average lifestyle and entertainment audience which from our analysis, they do not intend to stop especially with this first of its kind cinema subscription feature in Nigeria.

In a recent interview with the CEO, Adetokunbo Adetona on how the cinema subscription feature was created, he stated, “Cinema traffic has so far been quite good considering the pandemic, with movies like The Prophetess and Omo Ghetto: The Saga doing really well.

To help this industry continue its growth as well as give back to the cinema-going audience, we decided to create an offer that would be beneficial to both parties, and that no single app out there was already offering. This is what brought about the creation of the Cinema Subscription service.”

With the relaunch of the lifestyle app and the addition of the new feature, Nigerians in states across the country like Lagos, Ogun, Edo, Enugu, Delta, etc., can now comfortably get access to tickets to any movie of their choice without having to worry about long queues or sold-out tickets anymore.

Nairabox has once again restated its superiority over other lifestyle apps, retaining its position as the leading lifestyle app in the country. The Nairabox app is currently available for free download on Google Playstore and coming soon to IOS.

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