When someone buys a piece of jewellery, they do it for a variety of reasons, whether be it for showcasing or be it for a token of love for someone. In Miami, there is one shop, Haimov Jewellers which keeps all of the needs in mind, while catering to the customers.

The high-profile celebrities of Hollywood often seek, expensive pieces of jewellery to complement their style statement. These celebrities spend a ton of money on pieces of jewellery and expect a quality product in return. Haimov Jewellers has been providing a faithful service for a long time, boasting of an impressive catalogue and also providing value for their money. Haimov Jewellers has been the go-to place for celebs to buy quality jewellery.

Igal Haimov the owner of the exotic Haimov Jewellers, had humble beginnings, his father was a Taxi Driver. There is a common misconception that he got his passion for jewellery from his father, but in reality, his passion started from a very young age, when he would spend hours making sketches of jewellery design. A jeweller recognized his talent and started Igal into the business. That marked the beginning of his journey.

Haimov jewellers made their mark in the industry by prioritizing the quality of the product over the quantity, not taking in excess orders but by finessing the number of orders it has. Combined with their attention to detail and their dedicated service to their customers have made them one of the most iconic jewellers in the USA.

Haimov Jewelers boasts of the proud achievement of launching their own line of watches, Haimov Watches. Their clientele also boasts of very big and impressive personalities including Kim Kardashian, Lil Pump, Paris Hilton and Lebron James.

When starting off, Haimov Jewelers had been facing many prejudices due to their originality and unique jewellery designs, as many customers thought them to produce cheap jewellery since they made custom designs only, unlike branded sellers. But the Haimov team has always believed that having a positive attitude could help bring a solution to any problem.

Igal Haimov believes in being honest with their clients, for it harnesses their appreciation and recognition. Haimov has become so synonymous with the Hollywood industry, that it has become the one-stop destination for most of them. With a vision to expand globally and make new stores in Paris, New York, Dubai and many more, Igal Haimov perseveres in his determination to make Haimov Jewellers the best of its kind.

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