May 20, 2021

GSF Foundation rescues 18 months baby suffering from Congenital Heart Disease

GSF Foundation rescues 18 months baby suffering from Congenital Heart Disease

A popular Kwara State based Philanthropic organization, Givers Supportive Foundation also known as GSF Foundation has again extended their helping hands to an 18 months old boy suffering from Congenital Heart Disease.

Ologbenla Babatunde Smith, founder Givers Supportive Foundation made this known via his Instagram post, “Thank God, Kehinde have now been admitted in Babcock University Teaching Hospital for the baby Diagnostic Cardiac catheterization. Kehinde is just one year and 6 month old suffering from Congenital Heart Diseases.

We are wishing Kehinde a quick response, after the Cauterization, the surgery will be determined accordingly. Let’s keep doing our best in helping the less privileged, the sick people and the extremely poor.

It is more blessed to give than to receive, Givers never lack,” he wrote.
Smith, who is a graduate of Public Administration from Salem University through his organization has also made critical intervention by paying for hospital bills, feeding the poor and empowering the poor across Nigerian cities.
Giving an incite about how Government can achieve its poverty alleviation goals faster, he said, “The government should support more and equip our hospitals. Critical intervention such as collaborating with Non-Governmental Organizations will help reach more people.”

Conceived in August 2018, he revealed “Givers Supportive Foundation was laid down to support and help the less privilege, the sick and the extremely poor. What triggered me more is when I see people suffering. I am moved most especially when I see people passing through difficulties, because I have pass through a lot myself.

Based on my own experience, I decided that, no matter what, I will be a blessing to many people. And today, I have been able to achieve it in helping the less privilege. Since August 2018, we share food stuff such as Semo, Spaghetti and Noodles for over 200 families every day.”

According to him some past achievement of Givers Supportive Foundation include handling cases of kidney diseases, breast cancer, hydrocephalus among others. An highpoint was when the foundation aided an ailing patient to seek adequate treatment in India.

Identifying inter-NGO collaboration as an important step, Ologbonla Babatunde Smith gave plaudits to other bodies which has partnered with his such as Kokun Foundation and KBK Foundation. He explains further, “We raise fund through different sponsors both home and abroad. When we profile each our interventions on case-by-case basis by sharing their information on our page. A lot of sponsors respond to it. Many repost the case on their page. And with this, we give update on how it goes.”

The humanitarian promised, “we plan to support the less privilege and the sick people. We have been able to visit over five states and we are currently going to Lagos this December to do more. We plan to expand the reach of humanitarian interventions to include more people with physical disabilities and sick patients.